Tuesday, July 31, 2012

House progress month of July

Ground broke on our house on July 12th. Here is the progress this month:

Getting ready to dig!

July 12-- dug our basement

July 16--poured the footer

July 17---set basement walls

July 18--took off wall forms

July 19--added plumbing

July 23--waterproofed basement

July 25-- backfilled the basement walls

More back filling

July 30--prepping the gravel for concrete

July 31--I beams placed and concrete poured in
Basement and garage!

You see all the wood starting to pile up in front of our house? As far as I know, the next step is FRAMING!!!!! Then there will be an actual physical skeleton of a house I can see!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

How exciting! It's always so fun to watch the progress!

Brooke said...

I know! I am just so anxious to get in there already!!