Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday

It's time again for another installment of "Show Us Where You Live Friday" hosted by Kelly's Korner! This week's room is "children's room/nursery". I love Dominic's room. It's so peaceful & calming. Enjoy another sneak peek into our home! :)

Dominic's Nursery. It's a bumblebee theme-I chose it before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. I just thought it was so cute! The walls are painted a light sage, it's really calming.
The Classic Pooh Bear that Dominic takes his picture with every month. He's already dressed up for Dom's 7 month picture on June 13th. June's theme is Graduation & Father's Day.

Changing table & toy hammock-we bought a second toy hammock that we haven't hung yet. His stuffed toy collection is getting out of control!

I love these paintings. This one says "Bee Happy" and the other one says "Busy Bee". Dominic is starting to get big enough to touch them so I'm thinking I'll have to do some redecorating here soon. In the wicker basket I have all our changing & bedtime tools. #1 on the list is the Johnson & Johnson bedtime massaging gel! Dominic loves his bedtime massage-and I swear it helps him sleep better!

A very small part of Dom's toy collection. Most are scattered throughout the house & car. Of course you can see Brutus the Buckeye peeking out over the brown teddy bear my Opa "grandpa" gave me when I was a year old. The little bear next to the stuffed football is Dom's "prayer bear". You squeeze his tummy and he says the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. He says his prayers with Dominic every night.
A view from the doorway. I love the big window-it usually brightens up the whole room but today was pretty gloomy & rainy.

Dominic's crib & glider. We got the letters at Michael's, then painted and hung them. You can see my brother's Ohio State football helmet (he played for the Buckeyes) under the table, we are planning on using that for one of Dom's photo sessions.
Instead of a nightlights (we do have one of the plug in ones, but it doesn't give us much light), we decided to use a fish tank. Problem: there are yet to be any fishy tenants. ha! The soft noise from the filter is actually kinda like "white noise".

Another view from the crib area. I love love love that Dominic has his own full bathroom. (I won't show you that one yet!) You can also see the two closets , dresser & shelf full of goodies. I'm still stuck on what to put on the wall above the bookshelf. Any ideas?

There's so much going on with this bookshelf.

Top Shelf: Puppy from FAO Schwartz, CD player, Piggy bank

2nd Shelf: Alarm clock, CD's, and basket full of toys & rattles

3rd Shelf: Basket full of shampoos, lotions, pacifiers, etc and Hippo

Bottom Shelf: Books Books Books! This is such a small portion of the books we have--being a former teacher, I really had quite the collection! :)

Lou saw this and HAD to get it for Dominic. It's a football piggy bank! :) I wonder if Dominic is going to be a quarterback like his Daddy?

Dominic's dresser, you can also see the 2nd closet from this angle.

Afraid the nursery was too girly, Lou felt better when we added this quote to the wall. You can also see the display of picture frames, clock, & lamp.

When packing up Dominic's too tiny clothes I couldn't pack up these two hats. They are the ones that he wore in the hospital. SO SO TINY!! Lou's sister, and Dominic's godmother, Anna MADE this bear for Dominic. She's so talented..she also made my bridal veil, Dominic's Baptism suit and a beautiful quilt! I wish I had a talent like that!

Thanks for taking a look!

3 Words Thursday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Month Photos Part Deux!

Here are a few, err, I mean a LOT of Dominic's proofs from JC Penny's.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesdays With Lou


Before Dominic was born I was definitely happy. I have a great wife, a nice house, two good dogs, and a perfect job. I have a LOT to be thankful for. Almost every minute I spend with Dominic I’m smiling or laughing watching him play, jibber jab, and yes drool. I’m so amazed and proud watching him develop, that I can’t help but smile all the time. He made an already great life even better. Thanks Dominic for all the extra smiles!


This series with the Magic has me concerned but not worried. We have a mega star in Lebron and he showed us in game 2 that he can get us the win and despite his 40+ point outbursts in game 1 and 3 he still gave us a chance. Before he hit the game winner in game 2 I felt even if we lost you can’t count a Lebron James team out. So now, being down 2-1, I’m not going to let myself worry. Lebron is capable of anything and he can get this team to win this series.

Aside from Lebron’s no regard for human life, the Magic are good. They are a streaky 3 point shooting team that can put together a run quick. Teams like this live and die by it. I’m hoping they die by it. The Cavs are a better team that needs to close out on their shooters and if we can make it just slightly more difficult than it’s been we should have no problem getting back in this series and earning a right to play for the title.

Crime 360 & Obsessed

A&E is stepping up their game with original programming. With our regular shows over until the fall we’re forced to find new and different shows to watch. We recently discovered Crime 360 on A&E on Thursdays at 10:00pm. It’s a reality show that shows a homicide and then follows the detective through their process of figuring out who the murderer is. I’ve watched about 5 different episodes so far and 3 have been from Cleveland. We live about 30 minutes west of Cleveland so this has me slightly concerned.

Two good quote from the show, “There is nothing you’re going to tell me that I don’t already know.” “I wouldn’t have you here if I didn’t already know something” (quotes from Richmond Detective questioning a suspect). “What happened cause we have nothing unless you tell us something.” (quote from Cleveland Detective questioning a suspect). Again another reason I’m slightly concerned. Nice job Cleveland. This is a really interesting show and worth checking out. It’s amazing how they can re-inact the crime by putting together the clues. I highly suggest adding this show to your DVR at least for the summer months.

Last night was the season premier of Obsessed on A&E. It’s on Mondays at 9:00pm. I think most people have a little OCD in them but the people on this show put everything into perspective. They have SERIOUS problems and it’s very interesting seeing them go through the transition to eventually rid themselves of the compulsions. It’s amazing to see people live like this. I’m hoping this show can keep my interest a little longer than “Intervention” did. That too is a good show but gets kind of redundant.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A few 6 month professional proofs

Today we took Dominic to get his 6 month pictures. Lou & I were torn. We didn't have the best experience last time (3 months) at JCPenny's but were nervous about straying from the "regular", so in our typical fashion--we decided to schedule two photo shoots. One at Penny's and the other at Sears. Luckily they are both located in the same mall so we could shoot & scoot! Here are a few of the Sears pictures. This was the 2nd place we went to and by this time we were dealing with a Dominic with no nap--who had tipped down and bumped his head during the shoot. <--you can see the little red mark. *he was a-ok though* After a little cuddling, we ditched the outfit and changed Dominic into his swim trunks. He was much happier. The JCPenny proofs are super duper cute too and I can't wait to post them (when we get the email link). We FINALLY have professional pictures with documented proof of our beautiful baby boy's smile!! :)