Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Reception & Honeymoon

This weeks tour focuses on wedding receptions & honeymoons. It was tough this week to try and choose which pictures to post without having 500 on here! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Arriving into the reception, fresh from the beach as you can see on Lou's shoes! I worked so hard planning the reception to transform the venue. I literally lost my breath when I got my first glance--it was perfect!

We had tiered seating for our bridal party. It was nice to be able to look out and see everyone-and for everyone to see us.

Becky giving her speech. I had vases set up next to each bridesmaid that they put their bouquets in...instant table decoration! I also used a lot of candles to decorate. It felt so romantic.

Instead of a guestbook, we had everyone sign this matted photo. I thought it was a really fun & unique idea. It's still funny to go back and read some of the kind words from our friends & family!

Another shot of the table vases & the name cards we made for everyone. They were attached to a wedding bell.

Time to toss the bouquet! Why was my 10 year old sister (at the time) trying to catch it!? haha!

Becky caught totally wasn't fixed...::wink wink::

It looks like we're arguing..but no..Lou went to get the garter and then came out saying he couldn't find it! haha

Jason caught, errr, tackled & wrestled others for the garter!

The hundreds of jello shots we made the night before for the dollar dance.

We honeymooned in Jamaica..Sandals resort Ochos Rios...highly recommended!

It was so beautiful there.

This was my favorite photo.

In the pool, we spent soo much time here (and at the swim up bar!)

Oooh I forgot...we upgraded our tickets at the airport and were able to fly to Jamaica in first class!!! A first for us both! Oh you can also see that I chopped my hair off the day after our wedding.

Tiny bottles of Bacardi...FREE! ::Cheers::

Could it have been any more perfect? I finished the last Harry Potter first class!


Justin and Jessica said...

Love your pictures! You were a beautiful bride!

We have been to three Sandals Resorts in the last 3 years ... loved them all!

Kelly said...

You were such a pretty bride!!! You looked so happy!

Sarah said...

Your bouquet toss picture made me laugh because when I look at my pictures I see that my mom's nine year old godson was trying to catch my bouquet :)

Rita said...

Everything was beautiful. What a gorgeous location for your honeymoon.

Courtney said...

You were a GORGEOUS bride!!!

Carrie said...

Your reception was beautiful and your honeymoon looks awesome! :o)

Nicolasa said...

Everything looks beautiful! We did the vases on our head table too. It was wonderful!

Megan said...

Beautiful wedding, I love the tiered seating, it looked great!

The Carrolls said...

Great pictures! Such a gorgeous bride! Here's to many more years of happiness to you and your hubby!

Kickin' Kari said...

it looked like so much fun! Very beautiful!

me said...

we did the dollar dance at our wedding too, but what were the jello shots for?! ps. i loved your flowers! cute pics! xoxo