Thursday, August 27, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Wedding Showers

This week focused on Bridal Showers and ideas for showers. I've been to many showers and have seen some really unique and creative touches. I was a lucky bride and was thrown two bridal showers!
-Not sure why the pic uploaded this way-
The was VERY large.
My mom & Becky threw me this shower at a Metroparks location. You can tell by the mounted animals on the walls haha! The scenery outside was beautiful though! My bridesmaids were so kind and each brought a dish for the guests. Sarah is to the right with her chocolate, chocolate, peanut butter brownies!
Opening up gifts, my younger sister Anna was in charge of gathering the wrapping paper.
We registered for a lot of board games! We now have an ample supply for friends & family fun! By the way-I think the running Scrabble score between Lou & myself looks something like this:
Brooke=315, Lou=1 ;o)
My sister in law, Anna also threw me a garden themed shower *all in our wedding colors of sage & pink*. She is so crafty! We had angel food cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and punch. The favors were adorable. Anna hand painted flower pots and had chocolate flowers sticking out of them! The whole shower was gorgeous up to the tiniest detail (like the cute, embroidered table cloth).

I also wanted to add a couple creative ideas I've seen at showers, unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share.

*Couples Shower-my dear friends Jesse & Leann had a couples shower complete with many couples games..most of them were embarrassing but very fun!

*My sorority sister, Jessica had games kinda going on during the time she was opening gifts. So WE were getting gifts while she was as well. She also had a booklet on each table with questions to ask each other, everyone took a turn. This helped the guests get to know each other! Loved that!

These are just a couple of the unique & creative touches that I've been honored to be a part of. Thanks for looking! :)


Bernie said...

Very nice! I like your blog.

Holly said...

What a beautiful cake! :O

Sarah said...

I love the fact that you all registered for board games!! Some of my favorite nights have been Friday nights at home with a board game!!