Monday, November 17, 2008

Things we didn't know last week....

We're sitting here with our son sleeping on Lou's lap and discussing how different things are now. We decided to collaborate & do a list of "things we didn't know last week"..

*That we would almost high five when Dominic has a poop
*Hiccups are funny in the womb and very sad outside <--Lou hates when DT has hiccups
*We can survive on very very little sleep for many many days
*That changing a diaper IS a two person job
*That a dog can have "middle child syndrome" and act out
*You don't have to be in a bed to sleep--if you are that sleep deprived you can sleep sitting in a chair, standing up, or just lay down on the floor next to the crib
*And we both agree that we didn't know that we could love someone so so much after just meeting them <3


Nicole and Jared said...

He already has his daddy's feet!!! Now that we see pictures of him, Jared and I are getting very anxious for January!!!
Hope to see you while I am in Ohio. I won't have a car, so call me so we can set something up.

Jessica said...

I want to meet your little Dominic!

Hope you guys are doing well - hang in there!

Ari&Matt08 said...

Awww, what a fantastic post and a great list!! I love it, can't wait to read more! What an adorable little man you two have!