Thursday, June 11, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday!

This weeks featured room on Kelly's Korner Home Tours is the "Bathroom." I have to admit these "tours" are really giving me a kick in the pants to clean clean clean! We live in a 3 story town home-therefore have a bathroom on every floor-two on one level for a grand total of 4 bathrooms. Each one is so different than the next! Enjoy and don't forget to wash your hands!! :)

Media Room/Family Room/Bonus Room Bathroom

We just finished decorating this bathroom this week. This is attached to our bonus room which I got to decorate all girly--so why not a girly bathroom to match!

I saw these butterflies at Target (of course) and thought they were neat! You nail in a tack into the wall and these butterflies magnetically attach! Simple & quick decorating!

The colors I chose were purple & sage. I love the pretty mirror we found at Lowe's. I picked some fresh flowers from our front yard and wa-lah!

2nd Floor Bathroom
The infamous "Red Bathroom". Louie had this room painted before he even met me. At first I was very intimidated by the color-you'd open the door and almost get blown back with it's impact! Over time I grew to love it-it's a nice, drastic change from the cool, soft blue in our kitchen & hallway. It also helped when I started adding some decor on the walls.

The black & white towels also soften the red. And they remind me of Ohio State's uniforms hah!

My two favorite wall pieces in our home. These are photo's taken by our nextdoor neighbor, Rona. This is the Lorain Lighthouse and if we went across the street to the mile pier we'd see this beautiful view! She captures AMAZING pictures! She framed & matted them for our wedding-I just love them! You can check out some of her pictures here..

One of my favorite places in Lorain is the "Rose Garden" at Lakeview Beach. I could walk through here for hours. My sister in law, Anna, gave me this picture for my birthday a couple years ago. It's an old postcard with the Rose Garden on it. So I guess you can say this bathroom is our own little Lorain Museum!

Dominic's Bathroom

Dominic's bathroom has a jungle/zoo theme. It's attached to his nursery. He has his own bathtub/shower, toilet, sink & vanity. He loves coming in here and looking at all the animals!

Dominic's future bathtub and the gorilla guarding the potty. lol.

I found these wooden animals at a local craft store, and stuck them to the wall with double sided tape. I really like the way it turned out.

These are Dominic's two favorite pictures. He can be crying his little eyes out and as soon as he sees them-giggle giggle giggle.

This matching rug was only available online but I HAD to have it. It's soo cute.

Master Bathroom
Our Master bathroom off of our bedroom. We chose a His & Hers theme. Although usually "her" stuff is scattered all over the sink area. ha!

My sink & vanity (Hers). You can see we also have "His & Hers" towels to match the pictures.

Louie's- "His" sink. As you can see-we have Dominic's bath station set up in here. Lou & I both give Dominic his bath together so we need all the extra room of this big bathroom.
Close up looks.

As lovely as this HUGE bathtub looks, I have to be honest, I haven't been in this bathtub in over a year. But looking at it now-it sure is inviting! Once you get Dominic's ducky tub out of there! The quote above the tub says "Just one lifetime isn't enough for us." I thought it was well suited because it kinda ties in "His, Hers & Ours"
This is the room off the main bathroom. It houses the toilet & shower. I like that this is a separate room. Two people can easily be utilizing the bathroom at once and get their own privacy.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. ::Flush:: <--I'm sorry I couldn't help myself! :)


Erin Eileen said...

You have such a beautiful home Bdiddy! I can't wait to get our new place up and decorated to do this Friday blog too! We can't paint though, because we just rent....oh well:)

Lindsay said...

I really like the red in the bathroom alot. I love bold colors but I am hesitent to do them myself. I have a Canon T1i since you asked. It's pretty new to me but I am enjoying it. Thanks for the comment.

Lindsey said...

Great bathrooms! All i did for the cornice board was buy 3 pieces of wood from Lowes and nail them together! Then I stapled fabric and batting to it! It's so should try it!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

lovely tour of bathrooms

Jenn said...

Lovely bathrooms! I love your little boy's bathroom - so cute with all the animals. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do you really live in Lorain? I live in Avon. Small world!!!!

Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for visiting. The mirror was a lucky discovery as I cleaned out a closet, funny how things just hit you. I love the photography you highlighted, lucky you with such a talented neighbor.

Tara G. said...

The butterflies are so fun! Loved the lighthouse photos. And the His/Hers prints are great!

Michelle said...

Those butterflies are great. And I love all of your pictures. You've really got a beautiful sense of style. Now I'm thinking I should have gotten my bathrooms up to speed this week. :)

pumpkinpatches said...

I like the idea of framed pics that say "His" and "hers" I might have to steal that idea (excpet we only have one sink LOL) Thank you for sharing.

Roeshel said...

Wow! An entire showcase of bathrooms! haha I'm a little late...still checking out all of the tours. Your kids' bathrooms are so cute. Love those butterflies and the wall art in your master! :) Great job!

Courtney said...

Great bathrooms. I love the butterflies!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the butterflies! I have the same ones in my daughter's nursery. :o)