Sunday, June 7, 2009

Misc. Monday

Our weekend was pretty laid back. Saturday Dominic and I went to a baby shower & Louie helped mulch at my mom's house. Sunday we visited Lou's family. Poor Dominic is having major issues tackling teething. I do know that he sure does love his Grandpa Grasso's funny noises! Maybe we can get them recorded on a CD to play! hah! After our visit & a much needed nap for Dom, we went to the pool for a quick dip and some sunny fun! Then Lou got to break out the grill for a yummy dinner of grilled hot dogs and my favorite, Thomasson's BBQ chips! We attempted to take Dominic to the swing park but the lake bugs are still swarming. Hopefully soon we can get there! Dominic & I went to a Mommy Meetup date at a local park on Friday where Dominic got to swing for the first time in over a week. He had so much fun! :) I love summer time-and we are looking into some more fun family activities!

Not so flattering picture of me, but Dominic giving me a big ol' smooch-while keeping a kung fu grip on my face-hence the expression!
Dominic, dressed & ready to head to Halena's baby shower & hanging out with TJ. I can't get enough pictures of his cute baby feet!
Swimming with Daddy in the pool! He loves it!
My roses are blooming like crazy and I love looking out the window & seeing my very own roses!
Sadie, peering over to our neighbor's deck--looking for her feline "friends"