Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random thoughts..

I feel as though I've been kinda slacking on my blogging-I end up using the days such as house tours, or Lou's Tuesday's to fill the week and haven't really been sharing my thoughts. So here are some random thoughts from me!

Dominic's teething: I feel as if Dom's been cutting teeth for 4 months now. Every day his gums are more swollen, he's drooling more and tugging at his ears-but no teeth..yet. I just want some relief for him and for us! He's on a steady diet of teething tablets, baby Tylenol and baby oragel at night. I give him ice to chew on in his mesh feeder and Sophie the Giraffe is always within arms reach. It has seemed to get worse the last week or so with Dominic waking earlier at night and not napping as soundly. It's hard to believe he's going to be 8 months old in less than 2 weeks and we still haven't seen teeth! It just breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable.

I get asked all the time if Dominic is crawling yet. The answer is no. He isn't a huge fan of being on his belly so it's hard to try and get him to all 4's. He does, however as I found out this morning-scoot on his bottom to get places. And quite speedily may I add. Part of me thinks he is going to skip crawling altogether and just walk when he's ready. I really don't mind that he isn't mobile yet...we haven't completely baby proofed and it's nice to not have to chase him around just yet! He is on track developmentally in every way so I am not concerned.

Today is the first day of July, which means it's that much closer to the fall semester starting. I will be taking 3 classes next semester. Anatomy & Physiology II, A&P Lab, and Cross sectional Anatomy. These classes are extremely time consuming and I've managed to schedule them all in 2 days during the week. As afraid as I am to start a new classload (and possibly tarnish my 4.0 cumulative GPA) I am most afraid to put Dominic in some sort of child care. He's definitely going through the stranger/clingy phase. I usually can't walk out of the room without him crying, screaming and reaching for me. I can only imagine what it would be like if I left him for the majority of the day. But the inevitable is approaching quickly....any tips, suggestions, advice?

On an unrelated note.....Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out July 15th!!!!!! Yippee!!! **I wanted to post a few pics but Blogger is being bratty today**


Erin Eileen said...

I'm giving my advice, but as a teacher of young children not a parent, so what I say may seem easy: Dominic will be fine at daycare. It is always harder on the parents. He will cry and you will want to stay but don't, because if you do it will only get worse. Be sure that you find a childcare that you love, especially the teachers, but when they tell you it's ok, and to leave don't get upset, they are professionals and really do know what they're doing. And the earlier you start getting him exposed to childcare, the easier it will be as he gets older. Like I said, it's so easy for me to say because I'm not a parent, but as a teacher I promise you, he will cry and it may seem hard, but after you leave, he really will be fine:) Good luck love!

Sarah M. Kyle said...

Carter wasn't real interested in crawling either. He did it for like a month I think and then he learned how to stand and scoot around the furniture. He was walking by 10 months! I think Dominic is going to be the exact same way!
Danielle is 6 months now and she's not showing any signs of crawling yet.

Jessica said...

It'll probably be good for both of you if Dom had to go to some childcare. Like Erin said, it'll probably be hard initially but Dom will find something to play with, etc.

Good luck!

Nicole and Jared said...

I am so glad to hear that Dominic is not a fan of strangers too!! Ava does this cute little scream when someone else tries to hold her. It is cute that all she wants is me or Jared, but I hope she grows out of it soon. lol Also...Ava hates being on her stomach!!! It must be the Grasso in her.

Justin and Jessica said...

My little girl just turned 8 months old yesterday. She just got her first two teeth, and she has no interest in crawling ... she only wants to stand and walk with our help. I think she may skip the crawling phase too!

Taking Jordyn to daycare was difficult, however, even at just 3 months old, she formed great relationships with the workers. It will get easier. :)