Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesdays with Lou

We’re half way through 2009!

With only 6 months left this year I decided to look at the goals I set for this year back in January. I set 6 goals for myself. I am on pace to achieve 4 of those goals. I’m hoping to run a 5K later this year. I have spent nearly every possible minute with my family which is extremely important to me. I’ve also kept true to sending my nieces and nephews birthday cards on their birthdays. Brooke and I are a little behind on our date night each month goal. I think we’ve only had about 4 and we should be at 6 by now so looks like we’ll just have to make up for it in the second half of the year. I still think I can achieve the other 2 goals but it’s going to take some work. I’m on pace with my running to meet my weight loss goal and I’m hoping to clear some time to study for the CPA exam. This year is going by way too fast.

Prayer Bear

Each night Brooke and I give Dominic his bath together. After his bath Brooke gets Dominic ready for bed while I clean up from the bath and get his room ready. Before Brooke puts Dominic in his crib she gives him this little bear. The bear says the standard “bedtime prayer.” This is very special to us as this is Dominic’s way of praying each night before bed. He has learned to love this bear and has a good time smiling and laughing and even chewing on him while the prayer is going on. Prayer Bear is kept right by his bed to keep him safe throughout the night.

Lebron and Shaq

You heard it here first. In my June 2nd post I said I was hoping the Cavs would get Shaq then BAM 22 days later Shaq is a Cavalier. I know he only has about 3 years left but he’s still huge and can be dominant when he’s on the floor. He’s not going to give you as many minutes as he could several years ago but you don’t need him to with this team. We still have Z and he could use a break in his minutes because he’s getting older too. This was a perfect move for the Cavs because we got rid of Ben Wallace who was going to retire anyway and even if he didn’t he is not nearly as good as Shaq. We also got rid of Sasha who has promise but wouldn’t see the floor on this team. We got Shaq without giving up anyone significant to our run at a Championship next year.

The other benefit to getting Shaq is his contract expires after this year which would free up enough cap space to sign another younger big name player next summer in a big free agent year. We’ll hopefully have won our first NBA title by next summer and can either keep the team in tact with Shaq or sign a younger all star to replace him. We can also offer Lebron more in salary than any other team can next summer. We live in a global world now and Lebron can be a worldwide icon in Cleveland, Ohio. He doesn’t need to be in a big market to make more money or build his status. Lebron is a hometown guy who will retire a Cavalier. Let’s hope I’m as right on this one as I was on Shaq coming to Cleveland. We’ll find out next summer.


I just wanted to give a quick thank you to the comments from last week about our cell phone dilemma. We’re probably going to stick with Verizon and just keep hoping the I-Phone will eventually be available with Verizon.


Diana said...

Hey where did you get Prayer Bear? Love that idea!