Monday, June 15, 2009

Tuesdays with Lou

I’ll start on Monday

I don’t know how many times I told myself I’ll start my diet and workout on Monday. Usually by Wednesday my workout routine is over and I have my sights set on starting up again on Monday because of course you can’t start a new workout routine in the middle of the week (just kidding).

I realized I like pizza, wings, beer, fries, and burgers and if I want to enjoy those things I need to work out to help balance it out. Thursday I decided I’ve had enough “I’ll start on Monday.” I usually get up at 6:30am and decided I can get up at 6:00am and go to the gym. It’s only a half hour sooner and after my body adjust it should get easier. Today is day 6 and I’m still going strong. The only way for me to stick to this is to not skip a day despite how sore I am and how badly I want to take a day off. If I do then I’ll go back to my old routine of “I’ll start on Monday.”


Brooke and I have been on a search for a toy box for Dominic for only about a week. We haven’t found anything we really liked at a couple stores so we headed to Craigslist. Brooke found a Little Tikes football toy box for only $10 about 25 miles away (brand new they are $50). We were the first person to message the seller and they agreed to sell it to us on Thursday. Yesterday I got a text from the seller in the morning stating she decided to sell it to a friend instead. So we’re back to the drawing board and a little disappointed the seller backed out on us.

As upsetting as the toy box was we did find some nice bikes! On Sunday we were coming up with something to do and decided it would be fun to get family bikes. We started our search at Target where I quickly realized how expensive bikes are. Most bikes ranged from $99 to $299. They didn’t have the baby seat for Dominic there so we went to Super-K. They had the baby seat but not a helmet for Dominic. This led us to Toy’s-R-Us. They had the helmet, the bikes, but not the baby seat. We then realized we didn’t have the proper hook up on our Escape to even bring the bikes home. We went home a little defeated but with a game plan. Brooke went on Craigslist and luckily she found his and her bikes (brand new) with a baby carrier for only $150!! I’m supposed to pick the bikes up tonight and I’m hoping this seller isn’t like the last one.

Lucky Guy

I need to give my Wife major credit for making an AWESOME meal last night. She made chicken fajitas. This was the first time Brooke made this dish and did a really good job. She has really developed some amazing cooking skills lately. Her Oma is a tremendous cook so she has it in her blood. I’m very lucky to have delicious and creative meals hot and ready when I get home from work. This is something I never asked for or demanded like other husbands probably do. I have a great Wife who really enjoys cooking and I get to reap all the benefits!

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

This show is the best example out there that Summer TV programming sucks! The show makes no sense and has zero flow. The show is over in 3 weeks yet they only vote out one person a week so why even vote anyone out at all. At the end America can vote for a winner from a pool of 6 or 7 celebrites. The show is a terrible cross between Survivor, Fear Factor, and Big Brother.

There isn’t much to choose from on TV so this show wins by default. We are usually doing something else so we don’t watch it to closely thankfully. Janice Dickinson is a wreck. I love how the hidden camera catches her in her lies. She is so terrible and should have been kicked off awhile ago. Watching her eat is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. America either likes watching a car wreck like her or she has way more fans than the people that got kicked off already.