Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tooth Fairy, be prepared for some meeeannn teeth!

We've been dealing with the teething issues for months now. They're RIGHT there, two of them, every day getting closer & closer---but will not cut through. We've given him baby Tylenol, Oragel, Teething Tablets, teething cookies-you name it-he's had it. His gums are now swollen and he's waking up more at night..naps..forget about it! He now spends his day crying, drooling and "numming" on anything I can give him for relief. Although he is extra cuddly lately. Anyone have any tricks to help my little Gummy Bear? I'll try anything! Here is a little photo montage of Dominic's teething toys!

"See Mom? They're RIGHT there!!"
His favorite, Sophie the Giraffe
>Chewing on some ice-this works until the ice is gone..then WATCH OUT!
His Baby Einstein frozen teether. This gets swapped out with the frozen "keys"

How many teeth do we have?!!? It looks like it's going to be a long milestone!!