Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Big Brother 11

We’re already two weeks into Big Brother (CBS Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday) and the season is just heating up. There is so much going on in the house it’s hard to find a starting point. Here is who I would want in my alliance/clique. I am a fan of Casey, Jeff, and Michelle. Casey is honest and avoids most of the conflicts in the house and would fess up to anything he has said derogatory about the other HG (House Guests). Jeff is hilarious and doesn’t seem to bad mouth anyone really. Michelle also avoids some conflicts in the house but is not afraid to stand up for herself. She has also proven herself to be trustworthy and honest. Both Casey and Michelle went against their cliques on the first eviction which says a lot about the promises they made to their alliance to go against their own clique and take that kind of risk.

I am not excited about Jessie coming back this year. My main problem with Jessie is that he hangs out with Natalie and Lydia non stop. This puts those three on my “Most Annoying People List.” Ronnie gets my award for the HG who overplayed the game. See the spoiler section for more details on Ronnie. Jordan, Laura (probably going home), and Kevin are so far non-factors. And the winner for my most disliked HG is Chima! She is arrogant and starts a lot of drama in the house. She was also way out of line for what she said during eviction ceremony about Braden. I’m very happy CBS bleeped it and didn’t give her the satisfaction of smearing Bradens image over a comment he made on a Reality TV Show that he has already apologized for.

Here is my final four prediction for this season. I have no clue. I don’t see the alliance in power sticking together to the end. Someone from the minority alliance will crack that group and end up in the final 4. It will either be Casey or Jeff. I’ll pick my final four next week. If you have your vote for a final four I’d like to hear it. This season could go in a lot of directions so if you call it now you’re better than I am and we have the Live 24/7 Feeds so no excuses for me.

Parking Wars – A&E

My new favorite show on A&E is Parking Wars which follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). This show is hilarious and very entertaining. I’ve been to Philadelphia once and drove around for over an hour trying to find a parking spot. Everyone lives downtown so parking is very sparse. My favorite part of the show is the Boot Patrol and the Meter Maids.


Last night on the Live Feeds Ronnie finally got confronted by EVERYONE in the house on all the lies he’s been spreading. The barrage of questioning was lead by Russell after Ronnie made up a story that Laura told him Russell was drumming up votes to keep her. Ronnie told this story to Chima, Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie who all but Natalie were all regretting the decision to put Jordan up as the re-nomination. They all regretted not putting Russell up. *Ronnie was laying down the track to make Russell next weeks target* Natalie told Jessie and Jessie confronted Russell about the story Ronnie told. Russell confronted Ronnie and then confronted the rest of his alliance. This led to Laura to confront Ronnie in front of everyone that she never told Ronnie the story he told his group about Russell. Ronnie wouldn’t defend himself which led to his retreat into the HOH room. With Ronnie gone everyone started sharing stories of the lies and schemes Ronnie had set up. This lasted for about 2 hours. Also, another good spoiler, Jessie and Casey know each other and are secretly working together. They don’t act like it but have short private conversations very rarely and will each try to steer their separate alliance against nominating each other.


Justin and Jessica said...

I agree with your list of people who you like! Ronnie about sent me over the edge last night! Thanks for the "spoiler' info. I didn't have a chance to watch any of the live feed last night.

Jessie and Casey know each other? I love it!

Jessica said...

Interesting! Keep the spoilers coming! :)

Sarah M. Kyle said...

Thanks for the spoiler info! I can't stand Chima either. I don't see her lasting long in the game. I'm surprised that Casey and Jessie are secretly working together!

~Sandy~ said...

Adorable blog & pictures:) Just blog hopped by to say hi!