Monday, July 6, 2009

Tuesdays with Lou

Bike Ride

Dominic and I met my brother Pete at the metro parks for a bike ride Monday evening after dinner. It was a great ride on a very smooth and nicely shaded trail. The metro parks are great and are a hidden gem of the city. Dominic enjoyed the ride and somehow managed to take a little nap too. I don’t know how he could nap riding on the back of the bike but he did it. Right near the end however my bike broke. The gears somehow discharged itself from the back wheel so when I turn my pedals the wheel won’t even spin. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon because Dom and I are logging some good miles in the evenings and weekends.

MJ Ghost?

For the record let me start by saying, I do not believe in ghosts. I’ve heard people’s stories and would be interesting in hearing yours if you have one but I just won’t allow myself to believe it. Once I start to believe it then I allow it to be something I fear. So, I never take a ghost story serious and hope that if I don’t believe I won’t ever encounter one. This clip,, is from Larry King the other night. If you don’t want to go to the link there is a shadow of someone walking in the background, Michael Jackson perhaps? That is what they like you to think but in all reality it could be a multiple of things or it could be an edited video to include a ghost like image. It’s an entertaining video but still who really wants to see a ghost, not me. I don’t think it would be fun at all. It would be a great story sure but still not something I hope to ever experience first hand.

Lottery Dreams

I’ve always had a feeling I’m going to win the lottery. It hasn’t happened yet of course but still. I can’t help but day dream about winning every time I buy a ticket. I instantly come up with a multiple of ways to spend it and who I’ll share it with and what kind of lifestyle Brooke and I would have. I think the best part about winning the lottery would be not having to work again and being able to live my life like a vacation or a really really young retiree. I can imagine Brooke and I finding a couple hobbies to do together during the day to keep busy. I also think I would manage a small portion of our fortunes in the stock market and day trade to keep busy. We would also do a lot of volunteer work and find some local charities to support.

I don’t think we’d get too big of a mansion but would have all the nice standard rich people toys, boats and fun cars. We wouldn’t have a whole fleet of cars like sports stars or celebrities but maybe 3 or 4. The d├ęcor in our house would also be top of the line and we would have a big pool with swim up bar. I’d like an indoor/outdoor pool but I think Brooke would prefer the outdoor pool. We would also have one or two vacation homes which we would spend a little time at and also make available to our families for their vacations as well. I can also see us investing in commercial real estate to try and maintain our wealth. Even though the odds are I’ll never win the lottery it’s nice to think about once in awhile. If you ever day dream about winning or know what you would spend it on I’d like to hear it so I know I’m not alone.

Big Brother

Attention, Big Brother fans the show airs on CBS starting this Thursday at 8pm and is on Thursdays, Sunday, and Tuesday. Both Brooke and I love this show and will probably blog about it. We also follow it online but will try to keep spoilers out of our blog. If you haven’t seen the show before I highly suggest you give it a try. It’s nice cause it’s on 3 nights a week but don’t feel like you have to commit to it that many days a week cause they always have recaps before each show to keep you updated.


Jessica said...

can't wait for BB11!