Sunday, July 12, 2009

8 Months Old!

I can hardly believe I'm typing this...Dominic is EIGHT months old today! This first year just seems to flying by! I never really got used to saying he was seven months old and he's already a month older! He changes every single day and will all of a sudden do something completely new out of the blue! Here is what Dom's been up to this month:

*When placed up on all 4's he will stay there strong and rock a bit, then propels himself forward which results with him falling on his face.

*He holds his own bottle easily and likes to feed himself.

*He's VERY interested in food, always grabbing at what we have on our plates..or what's in our cups.

*He can sit like a pro! <--he's been doing this but now he's content just sitting and playing with everything within or out of reach!

*He loves to jump and bounce! Some days I think he may jump right out of his jumper!

*He's talking and blabbering away. Now he's begun to really yell! He says "Dada" when Louie's in the room and what I believe to be "GeeGee" when the doggies are near him.

*Scoots on his "bottom" to get places.

*When he's standing and we hold him by his hands he will take lots of steps and even run!

There's so much more but this post would just get too long! hah!


Lyndsay said...

He is so cute! Its hard to believe how fast they grow & change!!

Ave said...

Oh, he is so sweet =)

Kelly said...

I love how you take all of his pictures with the same bear, but dress the bear different! How cute is he!