Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Night owl

Last night Dominic did NOT want to go to sleep. He is usually in his crib at or before 8:30 pm every night. Welp, around 8:45 Dominic was looking up at me laughing and talking away. We attempted to rock him, gave him the pacifier, and letting him cry himself to sleep. We tried the light show, lullabies, singing the ABC's...basically the full arsenal that we have proven successful before. Around 10:15ish we decided that we needed a break too so we brought Dominic downstairs and just let him play. He was having so much fun yelling and playing with his rings. At promptly 10:45 Dominic started to rub his eyes and get fussy. I picked him up and he laid his head down on my shoulder and ker-plunk, out like a light! Hopefully tonight he's back to his schedule..I think we realized that we depend on him sticking to his schedule more than he does! Of course I took pictures of our little stinker!

Playing with his rings

Daddy's being goofy too! What is with the boys in my house!?


Shannon said...

What a little party animal, staying up so late :)

I love the picture of Dominic in the post below, so cute.

Lyndsay said...

He's so cute!