Monday, June 1, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Dominic cheering on his Aunt Anna, Saturday, at her softball tournament
Anna's on deck! She wears #25..just like her big sister! :)
Summer brings Festivals!! The first festival of the year: Perch & Walleye Festival! I took this picture while we were on a walk through our neighborhood. Nice view huh?
Baby Geese are back! They are so adorable!
Sunday night-this is the smile I get from him after he gets Baby Oragel. He glues his mouth shut afterwards. haha!


joelandbecca said...

Thanks for coming by our blog! Your baby is adorable!

I just had to tell you, Making Memories of Us is our song too, and was our first dance at our wedding. I always cru when I hear it!

Shannon said...

I love the last pic of Dominic, its so precious!

Lindsay said...

Such a cutie pie, I am glad that oragel does the trick!