Thursday, November 20, 2008

One week old!

Today Dominic is officially ONE whole week old! I think he has already changed so much in 7 days--I know that time is going to fly by. We're both trying to soak in all these "baby" moments we can because before we know it--he'll be a big boy! Week one has gone well..the lack of sleep isn't that bad and we have a pretty good system going so that Brooke can shower, get ready for the day and eat breakfast every morning. We really are a good team and I think it's making things very easy around here. Lou went back to work today and it's been weird but definitely not lonely with my cute little companion. The day is flying by which is nice. Today Dominic tried some "tummy time" on his playmat. He wasn't very happy on his belly but he really seemed to like looking at himself in the mirrors.

We are going on Tuesday to have his pictures taken--hopefully Dominic is in a good mood! Until then we will always have the camera ready over here! :o)


Erin1122 said...

He's a cutie, and you're right... time flies by!! (How do I have a 17month old). He'll get used to Tummy Time, Matteo didn't like it at first either. Try putting him on his tummy with the boppy. It helps avoid the head plants! Hope everything else is well!!