Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

This is sort of a cop out post but I wanted to share a motivational mindset that I try to incorporate into my daily life. We all have or should have motivational quotes or things that drive us. This is from the book, The Present, by Spencer Johnson which I received as a Christmas gift from my Brother Marty several years ago.

Three Ways to Use Your Present Moments


When You Want To Be Happy and Successful
Focus On What Is Right Now.
Use Your Purpose To Respond
To What Is Important Now.


When You Want To Make The Present Better Than The Past
Look At What Happened In The Past.
Learn Something Valuable From It.
Do Things Differently In The Present.


When You Want To Make The Future Better Than The Present
See What A Wonderful Future Would Look Life.
Make Plans To Help It Happen.
Put Your Plan Into Action In The Present.

This mindset keeps me focused on living in the present moment and to treat each day with a purpose. It reminds me to learn from my mistakes in the past so that I don't make them in the present day and motivates me to stay focused on my goals to ensure I acheive the future that I want. I often slip from this goal but I can rally behind it by focusing on what I'm doing now. I constantly think ahead and plan for the future which doesn't allow me to enjoy the present moment as much as I should. What I like about this mindset is it creates a good balance between planning for your future and dwelling in the past.

Another good quote that I like is, "Determination Today Leads To Success Tomorrow." This motivational quote drives me to work hard knowing that I'll reap the benefits in the future. If you have a motivational quote or mindset you live by feel free to share it in the comment section.