Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

To crawl or not to crawl

Dominic is pretty much mobile now. No he’s not quite crawling but he has mastered the art of scooting on his butt. He can scoot at blazing fast speeds around the house. We’ve cleared out extra space in our living room and usually bait him with his favorite toys. He’s close to crawling but at this point I think he’s realizing two things. 1. He hates being on his belly and 2. He can get from place to place scooting on his butt so why crawl. Now that he’s mobile we started putting the outlet covers in place and are making sure the gates are up on our steps. We’ll be slowly baby proofing the house which is something I haven’t looked forward to as there are many expensive safety gadgets to get. Maybe he’ll just skip crawling and go right to walking. Stay posted.

My Wife, Our Life

A couple weeks ago Brooke and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We had only dated for 14 months prior to our wedding so have been together for a little over 3 years now. I am very lucky to have Brooke in my life and appreciate all she has done in raising our Son and being a good Wife to me. These last 3 years have gone by fast. It’s refreshing that we’re both 27 and have, God willing, many more years ahead of us even though I’m quickly realizing it will go by very fast. It’s realizations like these that bring my focus back to the present. I strive to live in the present and appreciate each day we have together. It’s easier said that done since I am a big planner and am always thinking of the future and what needs to be done to accomplish our life goals and life style we hope to have as we go along. I’ll never regret the time I spend with my Family and will continue to strive to cherish each day we have together.

Must have book

Brooke and I bought “The Calorie King Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter” book from Target last weekend. This book gives nutritional information on items in the grocery store and items on the menu at Fast Food and other Restaurants. Here are some fun facts from the book. The suggested calories for weight loss for an active male are 1500-1800 and an active woman is 1200-1500 calories. The actual weight of packaged food is usually 5-10% more than the label net weight and in some cases up to 50% more. The calories on the back of the package are based on net weight so when you think you’re eating something that’s 2.7 oz it’s actually 3.6 oz and more calories than you thought. The maximum daily fat intake for someone who is eating 1800 calories is 50 grams of fat. If you eat fast food you would blow through 50 grams of fat without even trying. Let’s pick a moderate value meal at BK. A double cheeseburger has 510 calories and 29 grams of fat and medium fries have 360 calories and 20 grams of fat. That meal would have 870 calories and 49 grams of fat which is your daily intake of fat for the day blown in one meal. This book opens your eyes and really educates you on what you’re eating.

Big Brother

Here is my ideal episode for Thursday. Jeff uses the coup d’Etat and replaces Russell and Lydia on the block with Jessie and Natalie. Hopefully Jessie goes home but I wouldn’t be too upset if Natalie goes home either. After Jessie goes home hopefully Jeff, Russell or Jordan win the next HOH and will nominate Chima and Natalie. I think Jeff will use it because he’ll feel obligated to use the power America has given him and will not want to let the Fans down. I’m also a little concerned Russell is starting to get on everyone’s nerves and the HG will turn on Jeff for saving Russell. This may not be too bad because Jeff would gain Russell on his team and Russell will go crazy on the other HG seeking revenge for how they treated/ignored him this week. This should take the heat off Jeff and will hopefully keep him safe.

A side note from last nights episode on the 24/7 feeds there was a long break after Chima called Russell a terrorist. She quickly back peddled and said he was terrorizing people in the house. Chima is a hypocrite for all the crap she gave Braden in week 1 for being a racists when she is no better. I’m curious if Jeff replaces the nominees does he still get to vote and/or does Chima now get to vote. Chima has vowed numerous times to go off on the live show if the Coup d’etat is used to take Russell down. She has warned the producers they better have a long delay because she will wreck their live show. Thursday should be one of the best episodes of the season!


Jessica said...

Wow! Should be an interesting BB episode on Thursday! Can't wait!

Sarah M. Kyle said...

Ugh. Can't STAND Chima! I think Jeff needs to drop his alliance with Russell.