Tuesday, August 11, 2009

T minus one week..

A week from today I start classes again. I've been dreading the semester for two reasons:

1) I haven't taken an Anatomy & Physiology class in over a year (and I have TWO this fall, plus a lab!)
2)Most important, I have to leave Dominic with a babysitter for an entire 9-5 day.

I am ready to have that time away from Dominic, even though I'll miss him terribly. Having a nursing infant doesn't leave me a lot of time for myself. But I do worry about Dominic. He is quite clingy..but that doesn't worry me. I think he could warm up to a sitter. My main reasons that scare me is the fact that he has only fallen asleep on his own a handful of times. He usually feeds/nurses to sleep. So much so that when he's tired and sees me..he scoots himself up to me or tugs at my shirt. This is a lesson that I have definitely learned not to do with baby #2. I've begun to give Dominic more solid food in order to get him nursing less-and it's working..it seems the only times he wants to nurse is..ding ding ding..when he's tired. Now before you suggest we let him "cry it out"....ask anyone who has seen this kid cry. He holds his breath and his lips turn a shade of blue. He will literally make himself sick. And the times we have tried to let him "cry it out"...HOURS would go by. I don't even think Dr.Ferber himself could help us. I just can't put a babysitter through that. It's heart wrenching to see.

Which brings me to the next issue I'm facing. Dominic will fall asleep with a bottle. But a bottle of what? I've been trying my hardest to get somewhat of a pumped supply but it seems that Dominic's schedule has kinda weaned himself. I can't possibly pump enough for Dominic to have in a full bottle. I've been trying Fenugreek with no success. I know formula isn't poison..I just didn't want him to have formula-that was MY personal goal..*no offense at all to formula feeders* But it's looking as if we may have to give him formula at some point. I don't even know what brands are good or anything! haha. I'm going to call our pediatrician to see about maybe giving him watered down milk, water in the bottle, or formula. Any suggestions?

School related, I picked up my lab manual today and it looks like I get to work with a cadaver this semester!!! How exciting!!

And I can't leave you without some pictures! :) Dominic splish splashing in the pool! It was 95 degrees last weekend!
He's finally playing in the Pack & Play
He's thinking about it......::see below::
Too funny!


Jessica said...

We started with Similac but switched to the Target brand because it was 1/2 the cost and the same exact thing. (Had to with two!)

Good luck, try to enjoy the time way from Dom, it's good for you! Don't feel guilty if you do like the time away from him either - it's just as sweet when you get to be together again. Besides, you're lucky it's only one day! :)

Erin1122 said...

We used Similac too but switched to the Costco brand. We got twice as much for cheaper and Matteo had no problems with it.

A little suggestion is that you CAN combine breastmilk and formula. I did that when I went back to work and felt less guilty about it (although Matteo did usually get 1 forula bottle a day before that). Just mix the formula that you need, say 2 oz then add BM to make up the rest.

Good Luck!

Nicolasa said...

Good luck getting back into the grove of things!
That is pretty cool that you'll get to do some hands on things! :-)