Sunday, August 9, 2009

Datenight/Belated Anniversary Celebration!

Lou & I have really been slacking on our goal to have one datenight a month. I really wanted to see Rascal Flatts in concert last summer, unfortunately I was pregnant and sitting on a grassy hill (they played an outdoor concert) was not going to be very enjoyable for me. I love the idea of sticking with traditional anniversary gifts as well. The first year is paper-I put together a scrapbook where I will add one page a year summing up our year. We also decided to add a second paper gift--Rascal Flatts tickets for this summer. We recently celebrated our "cotton" anniversary by purchasing new shirts to wear to the concert! Worked out well! :) Friday night was the concert I had been sooo looking forward to! We also purchased a ticket for my best friend, Becky's birthday so she was in, along with her friend Micah. We also decided that sitting on a grassy hill wasn't going to be as fun as sitting in the pavilion. The concert was everything we had hoped it to be-we all had such a great time! Oh and did I mention that this was Lou's FIRST concert! He loved it! I couldn't bring my camera into the venue so the only pictures I have are from before the concert. Happy Anniversary to Us! :) A little pre-concert tailgating--$10 beers aren't cheap!
Me, in my new shirt & earrings (I never wear dangly earrings but am now a BIG fan!)
Beautiful Becky, Micah & I
Becky & I. :) It was so great to have some adult time with her again!

The "Cotton Couple", Lou enjoying his very first concert.


EEM said...

Did you mean Louie's first concert? You said Dominic, but there's no pics of him...did he go too?? Happy Anniversary...glad you guys had fun:)