Thursday, August 13, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Vacations

This week focused on vacations, Lou & I have traveled to quite a few places together but we had such an awesome time in Las Vegas that I had to "re-live" it again through pictures. Lou had a convention there in June of 2007 and I got to come along (for just the price of a plane ticket) and bathe in the desert sun! :) Thanks for stopping by & enjoy! Also--check out the new "Show Us Your Life" header!

We stayed at Ceasars Palace, it was beautiful & so much fun!

After Lou won a bit of money on roulette, we celebrated with drinks on the strip!

We were on such a high from the winnings *I had lost all my $ in 20 minutes, yes you read that right* Little did we know, the following night would have a different feeling. Roulette was NOT kind to us! lol

I miss my long hair!

The amazing water fountain show.

At this time, we had a saltwater aquarium at home complete with seahorses so we had to have a picture next to this aquarium. (Our seahorses and everything else died weeks later)

How I spent my days while Lou was in meetings.

The strip

Ceasars is just gorgeous, there is so much to look at. I just loved Vegas..3 days was not enough but at the time, it was a perfect getaway from wedding planning and external stresses. Sadly, we watched the Cavs lose in the NBA Finals while in Vegas-the same night we had an unlucky night in gambling. I can't wait to go back and redeem myself!!


Justin and Jessica said...

We just got home from Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. We loved it there!

Beth P. said...

Your pics make your trip look very fun!

On another note: I LOVE that you put a theme with all your month pictures of your son. What a great idea! He's adorable.

Shoshanah said...

I went to Vegas when I was little and had a great time. Its changed so much since then, I'd love to be able to have a long vacation there again!