Monday, August 3, 2009

Camp Can Dew!

This weekend was the Grasso Family Camp Can Dew in Michigan. Lou & I used to camp over night in our tent but last year I was about 29 weeks pregnant and this year we have an 8 month old so camping didn't seem like the best idea. We did, however, drive up for the day to spend time with everyone. There is usually a "Survivor" theme, but I don't think they had that planned for this camp out. There are tons of fun activities to do though..2 liter bottle rocket launches, slingshot competition onto a large bulls eye, swimming, "CanDew's Got Talent", movies, jokes, kites and bears OH MY! *No bears-but seriously, I could go on & on with the activities! Dominic is going to have SO much fun with his cousins in the coming years!

Welcome to Camp Can Dew!

I've always loved this mileage sign to everyone's homes. 142. 17 for us!
Dominic's 1st CanDew and Lou proudly sporting his camp t-shirt. After a run in with the fly trap two years ago, mine is no longer in commission.
Dominic was SUCH a good boy. He sat & played with his toys, laughed at his cousins and enjoyed time with his Aunts & Uncles.
Dominic also put on quite the show for his Grandma Grasso, Aunts Anna, Rita & Catie. It was funny!
We flew our kites-I haven't done this since I was a kid--I highly recommend it to all you really is SO much fun!
The boys & girls playing football on "Brother's Field". Of course Lou was the quarterback.
The campsite (minus the tents not pictured). Rob & Sandy have done such an amazing job-there is a full kitchen, outhouse that is more like a bathroom *complete with singing bass fish & sink), and an outdoor shower. There's so many cool things I wish I could have shown you all-but unfortunately my camera battery died on me.


Shannon said...

What an amazing tradition, I love it! And I agree, Dominic will have so much fun there when he gets older.