Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

I’m keeping this blog post short today. I’ll come up with some interesting topics for next weeks post. Here are a couple things that’s on my mind. OSU Football and Big Brother 11. I love college football and can't wait for the season to start but until it does I'm wrapped up in a little show called Big Brother. The season has been crazy and the 24/7 feeds have been worth it.
Buckeye Season

In just 17 days the Ohio State Football season begins in Columbus against Navy. This is my favorite time of the year. For me nothing beats Fall weather and football season. OSU has some big names to fill from last year, Beanie Wells, Laurinaitis, Robiskie, Hartline, and Jenkins. With all those players to replace we still have Terrelle Pryor coming back. He was amazing last year and should be much better with a whole year under his belt. I’m not saying we’re going to play for a National Championship this year but we should win the Big Ten and earn a right to play in the Rose Bowl. I like that OSU schedules other big schools early in the season. We should know where this team stands after the USC game in 24 days. Go Bucks! OH…

Big Brother

Last Thursday’s episode and the live feeds after the show played out exactly as I had hoped. Jessie went home, Chima had a meltdown, and the power shifted to the good guys (Jeff, Jordan, Michelle). Chima quitting the show maybe throws a little wrinkle in for Production to overcome but it was worth it. Lydia and Natalie’s reaction after Chima left was ridiculous. Lydia was worse than Natalie but she was silently egging her on.

Kevin, Natalie and Lydia have concocted a lie to tell Jeff and Jordan that Russell and Michelle have a final 2 deal and that Russell is planning to go after Jeff next week so Jeff and Jordan should backdoor Russell and keep Natalie and Lydia. This “lie” isn’t totally fabricated because Michelle and Russell do have a final two agreement but neither are really targeting Jeff and Jordan and are set on being in the final four with them. I’m hoping Jeff and Jordan keep the plan to evict Natalie, then Lydia the week after and take Kevin to the final 5. Paranoia is setting in on what I thought was a tight final four of Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, and Russell. It’s really sad how these HG have reacted to the Coup d’etat being used. Jeff summed up Chima, Natalie, and Lydia’s reaction the best when he said, “When you’re playing Monopoly and you land on Boardwalk you don’t rip up the board.” It’s just a game and they should have remembered that.