Saturday, August 29, 2009

Misc. Monday

Dominic meet formula-This past week we started Dominic on formula. I was very, very hesitant at first but my goodness did we pull a 180! I nursed successfully for 9 1/2 months, it was time, for both of us I believe. My day is SO much easier! He can hold his own bottle and feed himself which saves me 20 or so minutes at least. Most of the time I can put him in the pack & play or his crib (on a boppy) with a bottle and he puts himself to sleep. Wow. I just can't believe how easy that was! He absolutely has no interest in nursing any longer which in the same breath is a relief to me because I KNOW when he wants me to hold/cuddle/love on him it's not because he's hungry or tired. He's actually been much more affectionate with me this week. I'm very proud of myself for giving Dominic everything of me that I could, because he is my everything. And please don't take my excitement of weaning to mean that with baby #2 (not for a while) I wouldn't nurse because as of now, I wouldn't change a thing. The bond & time spent with him was something unexplainable, sacred and unattainable by anyone but he & I. I wouldn't change a thing.

Dominic & his feety jammies in the morning

O-H...! I can't believe I'm typing this because I've been looking forward to this since January..Ohio State Football officially begins on Saturday!! It's a part of the year that gives me chills. Yes, I realize I'm a girl but darned if I don't tear up at every OSU sports montage that I see on ESPN. I'm so glad that I married someone just as passionate about Buckeye football as I am. We even bought Dominic his very own Tressel vest onesie for this season and Lou & I plan on our annual "new Buckeye shirt" outing this week. I can understand if there are readers out there who don't live in Ohio to not quite understand...but c'mon...growing up 20 minutes outside of Cleveland has been heart-break city and the Buckeyes have rarely failed me. I was blessed to have a younger brother who played for the Buckeyes, allowing me to attend almost every home game and even THE GAME in 2006 against the "team up north" and go to Arizona for the BCS Championship.

Dominic and I last OSU season!

Browns-I understand that this is preseason and I also know that we live in the city known for "the drive" and I can remember squirting pickle juice on John Elway's picture in our local paper. Dominic has his very own Brady Quinn jersey to match his mommy (Daddy has a Jim Brown jersey) and will be rooting for his home team this season. I'm an underdog fan, and feel as if we've been the underdog for YEARS, so...Here we go Brownies Here we go!! Woof Woof!!

School-My classes are very tough. It's hard to get back into the swing of things *as I've stated before* but day by day I am recalling information that I learned over a year ago. I have high hopes that I might start clinicals in the fall! There is a 2 year waiting list but I have all my pre-requisites done after this semester and hope to be chosen to start in August of '10. ::Crossing fingers:: I've been studying like crazy and trying to re-teach myself the information that I learned in Spring of '08. If you didn't know, I currently hold a 4.0 gpa and as much as I hope to continue this trend..I'm realistic enough to know that I just want to PASS Cross Sectional Anatomy.
Dominic crawls!-Our little guy is now very mobile. He all of a sudden crawls and pulls himself up onto EVERYTHING. I spend most of my day chasing him around and scooting him back from things he shouldn't touch. His new favorite toy seems to be the air conditioner vent where he takes his trucks and rakes them back and forth. Dominic is also a LOT more vocal now a days. He's constantly calling out Mama, Dada or Baba! It's amazing to see the changes in him day to day. He still does NOT have teeth-but (broken record) they are RIGHT there just trying to cut through! The poor kid is drooling up a storm and grabbing at his ears & jaw. Let's just hope he doesn't have Mommy's teeth-I had braces and one too many orthodontic procedures to get my smile.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend and a LONG weekend at that! :)


Kerri said...

I found your blog through Kelly's blog. Just wanted to say that my
9 month old doesn't have any teeth yet either. I had never heard this, but several people have told me that late teeth mean strong teeth. And I am with you....I really hope he doesn't get my teeth...braces and many trips to the dentist/orthodontist.

Lyr said...

Came across your blog and wanted to say HI! You little one is adorable. I look forward to reading more about you!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Came your way via Linda @ Oh So Pretty, and glad I did!

I nursed my daughter for 8 months...while working full time and I was pretty darn proud of myself too! Good for you for hanging in there for 9 1/2 months! And like you said...Callie and I have a bond that is like no other, and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Plus, you'll only have about 2 1/2 months on formula, before whole milk, or whatever you might go saved a TON of money! Well, that's the way I look at it at least! ;)

Just so you know...we are HUGE Gator fans, but wanted to wish ya'll luck this year!!