Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou


Just like that Dominic has gone from a blazing fast butt scooter to a scooting, crawling, standing machine. He moves at lightning fast speeds now throughout the house and will pull himself up to standing on nearly everything. Before I know it he’ll be walking. He’s much more independent now and is extremely talkative. It’s amazing to me how quickly he has changed and developed these last several weeks. It’s like a light switch has turned on, it’s happened that quick.

Dominic has been on formula for a little over a week and the biggest difference I’ve noticed is in the seat of his pants, STINKY! There is NO question he’s pooped because you can smell it across the room. Aside from the money we saved breast feeding we also avoided 9 ½ months of the most fowl smelling odors possible.

Buckeye Season

OSU takes the field for their first game this Saturday against Navy. I am so amped for the start of the new season I feel like Saturday is Christmas. This is by far my favorite time of the year and Saturday can’t come soon enough. Brooke and I are planning on watching this first game at home with Dominic in our media room on our new 90 in projector HD TV. I bought the mini fridge for the room last week and fixed up the bathroom the other day so we’re all set for the season. If you’re a Buckeye fan or a fan of College football I plan to include a discussion about the previous/upcoming game each week along with an opinion or two about other teams. My prediction for this week is OSU 37 – Navy 17.

Cleveland Browns

Coach Mangini needs to step up, be a leader, and declare the starting quarterback for the season. Our starter needs at least 80% of the snaps in practice with the first team. Splitting our starter’s snaps hurts our team. Maybe Quinn is a terrible practice player but if you’re judging on the preseason games then Quinn should be the starter. Aside from Quinn’s performance he’s much more athletic than DA and makes better decisions than DA. In the extremely rare chance anyone with connections to the Browns organization reads this please declare your starting QB and move on so that Player can get the necessary practice needed to get better and help our team. For more Browns Blog coverage check out my brothers blog at http://www.blawgpound.com/

Big Brother

Looks like Jeff is going home Thursday and with that I’m about 95% done caring about this season of Big Brother. I’m not fan of Natalie and Kevin. I used to like Michelle but she has gotten on my nerves lately. As far as Jordan I think she is the dark horse here and could surprise people. Jeff and Jordan have done a lot of studying and the other HG are underestimating her big time. I’m hoping Jordan wins because she needs the money the most out of the remaining HG.

Running Update

I started running again on June 11th and like most exercise routines I started strong. As of August 14th I had run 143.5 miles in just about 2 months. I was able to run 5.25 miles in 41 minutes which is just under an 8 minute pace. The bad news is I haven’t run since August 14th but have maintained my diet and still managed to lose a couple lb’s. I am going to start back running Wednesday morning and try to go 3 days a week with 6 miles each time. My goal is to run a 5k in October in under 24 minutes and to run 1,000 miles by next June.


Grissell said...

This is the first time ever I have been so into big brother. I will be writing my post after tonight. Oh brother big brother. Amazing how trusting they are of people. Sad, I was so upset that my hunk believed Kevin and Natalie and sent Russell home due to their lies and now he is going HOME. I am so mad.. Well we will see tonight.