Friday, September 11, 2009

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end, for O-HI-O!

I know many readers have their own conference (if they're college football fans) but here in the Grasso household, we are die hard Ohio State Buckeye fans!! We have a HUGE game coming up on Saturday night-not only is our season on the line, but the reputation of the Big Ten Conference. I have/will always love the Buckeyes no matter what. The pressure these young men have on their shoulders tomorrow is heavy--but I will be proud of them none the less. If you have a chance-go to an Ohio State website and look up the tradition that makes Ohio State University...THE Ohio State University...GO BUCKS!! Here are some of the proofs from Dominic's 10 month picure session *JC Pennies Photography* complete with Dominic in a "Tressel Vest"-a man who exemplifies class, and showing off his Uncle Brett's OSU day he will brag that his Uncle was on the team that beat Notre Dame, and played in two National Championships...oh did I fail to mention that his Uncle was also playing on the team that beat "the team up North" FOUR years in a row!!!

O-H...I-O!!! Let's GO BUCKS!!!


Nicolasa said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!