Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Book Worm

I wasn’t going to do a blog post for this week but just before bed Dominic did something so cute and impressive I have to share it. So I’m standing over by the counter on my laptop about 15 feet from Dominic. He’s standing by his toy bin looking for toys and holding on to his Big Dump Truck. He uses his Dump Truck to help him walk over to me where I see he’s put two of his books in the back of his Truck. He reaches in pulls out both books and raises them up to me. Obviously Dominic wanted me to read those books to him so I took him over to the couch held him on my lap and read him both books. After we finish the books I set him back down on the ground with his books to keep playing. He puts the books back into his Truck and uses the Truck to walk over to Brooke who was on the other couch. He takes both books out and waves them at Brooke for her turn to read him the stories. He is getting so big and doing such amazing things everyday. I am so proud of him and so grateful and blessed to have him.


After the loss to USC two weeks ago I came away realizing two things. One, USC was not as good as they were last year and two Pryor is not as good as I had hoped he would be at this point in his young career. Last week confirmed both of those as USC lost to Washington and Pryor played well but wasn’t challenged as ESPN reported Mark May (not a fan of him) noted Toledo had the 107th ranked pass defense. Just one of the many reasons I don’t care for Mark May he didn’t give OSU’s defense credit for shutting down Toledo who had the number 1 ranked offense and averaged over 40 points in their first two games. He’s always looking to cut us down and I’m okay with that just give us credit when it’s deserved and our Defense played great Saturday. My prediction for this week is OSU 27 Illinois 17. I’m concerned with Juice Williams but I think our Defense is faster this year and Brian Rolle will have a huge game.