Sunday, September 27, 2009

Misc. Monday

You can barely see it (sorry for the sad picture) but Dominic's very first tooth is poking through!
Friday night Lou & I held our very own Tonka drag race with Dominic's truck collection. First we drafted our cars and then raced them in heats. See what fun two 27 year old parents can have on a Friday night? My how different things are!
Brooke's team is on the left and Lou's on the right.
The winner's podium Lou made from Dominic's Megablocks. See that school bus on top? I won 1st & 2nd place!

This weekend we visited "Miller's Apple Orchard" with my Mommy Meetup group. The weather wasn't ideal for apple picking but we had a great time! They had so many neat activities set up, like a petting zoo, pony rides and a hay maze. I can't wait to bring Dominic here as he gets older and can really enjoy all there is to offer!
A little blurry from the rain-but such a neat place!

He had so much fun with his friends Skylar & Connor. Here they are in what Skylar called "her choo choo truck"
My pumpkin amongst the pumpkins!
I have a feeling these 3 are going to get into a bit of shenanigans growing up together..Must take after their Mommies!
Look at our big boy standing on his own!
Sunday, Lou took Dominic over to our friends, the Sayers' house for the Browns game while I stayed home to study my brains out for the 3 exams I have this week! Luckily Lou took some pictures for me! Here is Dominic and Madison playing!
He's quite the ladies man!