Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ten Months Old!

What are you up to these days Dominic?
*You can crawl (fast), pull yourself up onto furniture, easily cruise along the furniture and kinda take a step to move to a new piece of furniture, you also walk w/your big truck or use your activity table to walk to places.
*You are a HUGE copycat! When Mom or Dad do something you try and copy!
*No teeth as of yet, but they are (broken record) RIGHT there ready to pop through and judging by your temperature and drool outtake, I think we're going to get them soon!
*You are SOO affectionate! I love it! You give mommy & daddy lots of kisses and snuggles.
*You chase the dogs around like crazy. Most of the time taking TJ's snake toy and teasing him with it. They are just the right size to be perfect playmates!!
*You want to eat EVERYTHING! Mommy let you taste a pickle & sugar cookie today and you loved it! You are getting very good at chewing your food. Not a huge fan of deli turkey but you love cantaloupe!
*Everyday you are learning something new-I just can't believe all the milestones you've reached in the past 3 weeks!
Am I seriously going to have a ONE year old in less than 2 months!?!? This has been the fastest year of my life.


Nicolasa said...

Wow! Look how big he is getting! What a great smile he has!

Lyndsay said...

Insane how fast 1 year is approaching! He's adorable, especially in his Buckeye gear. :)

Shannon said...

Wow, 10 months old! Time does fly, he is so cute!