Monday, September 7, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

Now that I'm back in school I learn a lot of new & interesting things. My anatomy professor is great-she combines lessons with her real life experiences which always makes lecture exciting. I usually come home every Tuesday or Thursday with a story or interesting fact to tell Lou so I decided to share some of these with you on Tuesdays--who knows you may learn something and help me retain the information as well!!

We have just finished up the reproductive system, including pregnancy, with so many parents reading this blog I hope you find this story as amazing as I did!!

It's a little known fact that a woman's ovaries are NOT connected to the fallopian tubes, when the ovaries release an egg each month, the fimbriae (finger like ends of the tubes) wave and create a current to attract the egg. Well every once and a while the egg does not enter the tube and kinda floats off into a woman's body. Here begins the story:

A woman had been trying to get pregnant for years, had some miscarriages and other fertility problems. After all this time the woman finally got a positive pregnancy test! She and her husband went in to the OB office to get an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. The ultrasound tech scanned her uterus and was heart broken to inform the woman that there was no baby in her uterus. However, her blood work indicated that she was, in fact pregnant. The tech then decided to scan other areas of her body. What she found was incredible..the egg had floated out, as did the sperm and fertilized outside the uterus. The embryo then attached itself to the woman's KIDNEY!! The doctor informed her of the risks and suggested she terminate the pregnancy but after so many years of trying-she was willing to take the risk and ultimate fate of losing her kidney to carry this baby. The baby continued to grow throughout the months, creating a baby bump out the side & back area of her body. At 35 weeks via C-Section, a perfectly healthy baby girl was born!!! The mother lost her kidney, but I'm sure that was the smallest of price to pay to bring her child into the world.

I found this story amazing. What are the odds that the egg & sperm could meet, thrive & survive outside the uterus. Also, can you imagine the story that little miracle of a baby girl gets to share her whole life!! I hope you all enjoyed this post-if you'd like to hear/learn more, let me know! :)


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That is amazing!!!