Monday, September 28, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

This is just a random fact today because I am currently studying for Lab exam and Cross Sectional exam on Tuesday (today) and my Anatomy & Physiology II exam on I'm pretty much fried!
Many people have heard of the procedure done on the heart called an EKG or Electrocardiogram. I've always thought it was weird that it was abbreviated EKG instead of lecture professor is originally from Montreal, Canada and she informed us that ONLY in the United States will an EKG be done, everywhere else around the world abbreviates it correctly as ECG.

Reason why: Obviously English isn't spoken worldwide so the pronunciation of certain letters is different worldwide. In the U.S. we also have a procedure called and Electroencephlogram or EEG. This procedure requires a bunch of wires hooked up to the patient's head. Now between American accent changes across the U.S. and penmanship errors...wouldn't it be awful if an unsuspecting patient who was already nervous for an EKG on their heart went in to the hospital and oops..wires on their head? This is why we changed it to EKG instead of ECG..I for one, am glad they did!