Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Dominic the Comedian

When Dominic knows he’s doing something he’s not allowed to he looks over to Brooke and I who try our best to give a stern “No” and shake our heads. Dominic’s reaction to this…he laughs. His favorite game to play is to sit by the TV and reach for the cable box. After we tell him “No” and he laughs at us he then reaches towards the TV again. We say “No” again and he stops doesn’t touch anything and looks back at us and laughs again. We do this routine several more times before we have to move him away from the TV. We’re debating getting a baby gate to put in front of the TV stand but on the bright side he’s learning what No means which will come in handy over the next few years and hopefully his life.

Also this week Dominic learned how to build with his mega-blocks. He learned how to fit the pieces together and stack them. After he puts them together he starts to clap and cheer for himself. Brooke and I also cheer for him to let him know he did it right. The funny part is he still cheers for himself when he doesn’t get it to fit and then looks at us with an expression of “Why aren’t you clapping too?” His expressions are priceless. Dominic is so much fun and continues to amaze Brooke and I everyday with all the new things he’s learning.


The Buckeye Defense posted back to back shut outs last weekend as OSU rolled Illinois 30-0. Our D-line is applying pressure and our linebackers are all over the field. Our Offense has been struggling to find their identity but once things start to click with them we should be one of the top 2 or 3 teams in College football. Our Defense will keep us in every game for the rest of the season but it’s going to be up to our Offense to win it for us. By the end of the year if teams ahead of us lose which I think will happen we could slide right back into the National Championship or at the very least a BCS bowl and make a statement for once in a big non-conference game. We play Indiana this week on the road at night. I watched the Indiana/Michigan game last week and was impressed with the Hoosiers. Either Michigan isn’t as good as their 4-0 record or Indiana is a good team. Indiana should have won that game last week. My prediction for this week is OSU 33 – Indiana 10. Our Defense gives up a field goal and we give up a TD on special teams. Go BUCKS!

TV + DVR = Amazing

Brooke and I watch a lot of TV and are appreciative of our DVR. Here is a list of all the shows we watch regularly. 1. House, 2. Gossip Girl, 3. How I Met Your Mother 4. Biggest Loser, 5. Hell’s Kitchen, 6. Chopped, 7. Man vs. Food, 8. Guiliana & Bill, 9. America’s Next Top Model, 10. The Office, 11. Parks & Rec, 12. 30 Rock, 13. Community, 14. Grey’s Anatomy, 15. Iron Chef America, 16. Diners Drive-ins and Dives, 17. Simpsons, 18. Family Guy, 19. Cleveland Show, 20. The Practice, 21. Amazing Race, 22. Survivor, 23. Desperate Housewives, 24. Big Brother, 25.Glee. The DVR is such a practical invention. It’s essentially a VCR but way more convenient. Half hour shows are 20 minutes and 60 minute shows are only 40 minutes. Plus you can watch two shows from different networks that are on at the same time. If you don’t have a DVR or something similar it’s worth the investment. Even though Brooke and I watch about 25 different shows we are skilled at multitasking as we are usually both on our computers, talking to each other, or playing a game.