Monday, September 14, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

Alrighty, no big stories this week-just a couple things that I was kinda surprised to learn..

If you have O type blood you are a universal donor (meaning anyone, no matter their blood type can safely receive your blood)...I've heard people brag about this because it would seem to be the most unique and rarest of blood type. In fact, type O is actually the most common! And to boot...the universal donor is actually O negative and it kinda stinks because O type blood can only RECEIVE O type blood....I guess it's a good thing that it's so common huh? *Also, type AB+ is the real Universal recipient* I've been studying the anatomy & physiology of the heart in these past couple weeks. I can see that the right side of the heart is smaller than the left is why. The entire right side of your heart is only responsible for pumping blood into the lungs and then back to the heart. The left side of the heart is responsible for EVERYTHING else! No wonder it's bigger and has more muscle! I just find that fact incredible--you would think the whole heart would be working as one unit to pump blood into the entire body..but nope! Knowing how important lungs are to LIVING..I'm glad to have a lopsided heart! :)


Lyr said...

This was soooo interesting. My dad is B- and had a kidney transplant. It was amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Nicolasa said...

Wow! I knew A Negative was rare, but seeing it on the pie chart like that made me worried! What If I need blood? Where will I get it?!?! I better go donate some soon in case someone else with my blood type needs it!