Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life with a crawler

**Today should be an installment of "Show Us Your Life" but this week focused on childhood school pictures and I just couldn't find the time to get pictures of Lou & I scanned**

For months Lou & I waited and wished for Dominic to reach the momentous crawling milestone. Welp-we got our wish, and the phrase "be careful what you wish for" has never rang more true!! I guess I never realized how much my day would change with a crawling are some of my observations..

*I have to literally crawl around the house each day and check for little dangers that could be around. I've found those little plastic tags that attach price tags to clothes, plastic bag pieces that were clear and very hard to see, a button, string...not sure how the Dyson isn't picking this up, which leads me to my next observation..
*Vacuuming-Dominic has now made me a serial vacuumer! Which is a good thing!
*I miss the days were I could set Dom on the floor, put a pile of toys around him and let him go to town..if I try that now he just takes off in any direction.
*Everything is/has to be put out of reach this includes shoes, the dog bowls, cell phones, any & everything on the coffee or end tables. (Oh did I fail to mention Dominic also pulls himself up on everything and cruises along)
*90% of my day consists of watching Dominic crawl over to a no-no area, pulling him back or redirecting him somewhere else just to have him crawl vigorously back to that area...rather, rinse, repeat. I think crawling is more exhausting for me than him!
*Baby proofing our home is EXPENSIVE! We went out to Babies R Us this past weekend to gather up some essentials and my goodness are there are ton of items. Companies make a killing off us first time parents!!

When all is said and done, I may gripe just to get it out of my system but my heart swells with pride when I watch his little naked bottom crawling away from me when I change his diaper! LOL Never a dull moment that's for sure and our little baby is growing up!! Baby gates galore

There he goes-right into the kitchen..destination: the dog's water bowl

I looked over and he found himself a standing spot

This picture just made me laugh. He looks so tough! I think this will be his typical Football tough-guy picture in high school.


Lyr said...

Ahh the crawling days! Yea.. they get worse! But it's fun!! I do love that past picture!!

Lyndsay said...

Isn't crawling the best?! Uhhhh...sometimes. :)