Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Toy Buying Frenzy

Dominic has slowly been accumulating more and more toys. Brooke and I realize he doesn’t need every toy on the shelf since his favorite toys are these simple stacking blocks. We’ve been buying him only 1 new big toy a month. For his 10 month birthday present we wanted to get him a push/rider toy since he’s been standing a lot lately and we want to encourage him to start walking. On Sunday I took Dominic out to Toys-R-Us so Brooke could have some quiet time to study. My original plan was to get the leap frog activity table but when I got to the store I was overwhelmed with all the choices of push/riders. I panicked and picked out the best push/rider on the shelf and forgot the activity table. When I got home to show Brooke what I got she asked what happened to the activity table. I explained I got this really cool expensive push/rider instead. Brooke reminded me of what I should have realized at the store that for only $10 more I could have got a different push/rider and the activity table. We figured 2 toys were better than one so back to the store I went to return the toy I just bought and to get the activity table and a different push/rider. On Monday I kept the shopping spree going and got Dominic 150 toy play balls. Brooke thought I could blow up his pool from the summer and we could make a little ball pit for Dominic to play in. Seeing Dominic’s reaction to his new toys makes it all worth it. Here are his new toys.

Ohio State Football

Last weekend was the start of the college football season complete with a big upset win with BYU over Oklahoma and Boise State delivering and receiving a knockout against Oregon. Ohio State won so it was a good football Saturday for me. All the buzz after the game was about Ohio State avoiding the upset against Navy. The game wasn’t nearly as close as the media made it out to be. Ohio State was up 29-14 with just under 7 minutes left when they decided to go for it on 4th and 1 by running the same play that didn’t work on 3rd and 1. First off bad play call, an option or anything putting the ball in Terrelle Pryor’s hands would have got us a first down and possible score on that drive which could have put the score 36-14 or even if we went for a field goal it could have been 32-14. I know this is all hypothetical but still the final score was no indication for how lopsided this win could have easily been. Instead we make a bad play call get stopped and Navy scores on the next play and it’s 29-21. Every time we have a close win I just remember the Championship season of 02 when we had a number of close wins. So I’m not worried for this season.

Ohio State hosts USC this Saturday and I’m pumped. I thought our chances were good last year and was highly disappointed so I’m a little less optimistic this year but still feel good about our chances. A night game at home should be a big advantage for us. I also feel good about facing a true freshman quarterback, Matt Barkley. Ohio State ran a very conservative offense last week against Navy and will open up the playbook more for this game. We didn’t want to give USC anything to game plan against so we played week one a little conservative. I expect a huge game from Terrelle Pryor. A win Saturday should be a big spring board for the rest of the season. Here is a picture from our family room/media room of the game on Saturday on our 90 inch screen. I LOVE THIS!


Jessica said...

My girls LOVE that activity table!

Justin and Jessica said...

We also have the Learn and Groove Table ... our little girl loves it! Definitely worth the money! :)