Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What goes up...

Must come down! As I blogged about last week--Dominic can now sit on his own. Yesterday we had our first boo-boo, owie, whatever...actually two of them. It started out when I sat him down in his room to get some socks on so we could go to the Mommy Meetup, I turned my back for a second to grab the socks and BOOM! Granted, Dominic's floor is carpeted, it still was pretty loud. I looked at him and immediately the bottom lip protruded out and the "silent scream" started. If you've ever been fortunate enough to witness this little trick Dominic does, you know what I'm talking about. He holds his breath, while screaming...working his way up to when he finally inhales (sometimes you have to blow in his face) and the loudest cry/scream comes out. I really hope this is just a baby thing--because I am not sure this would be a very cute trick when he is eight. Anyways, I scooped Dom up and cuddled him. He was ok. The second fall came later that afternoon...Dominic was sitting on the blanket in the living room. He had been sitting happily for about 10 minutes playing with his toys. I turned my head to grab something off the table and BAM! This was a much different sound--I didn't hear the cushioned sound of carpet, nope, I heard plastic. Dominic fell back and hit his head on one of his harder, plastic toys. Again, ::insert silent scream:: I scooped him up quickly, checked the back of his head and there was a tiny red mark-not a cut-just red. I gave him close to 535 kisses, rocked him, hugged him and apologized profusely for not being there to catch him from the fall.

Later that night I started to think. There are going to be so many "falls" in Dominic's life when I won't be there or won't be able to "catch him". Aside from the scratches, bruises and various "owies" he'll encounter in his life, I started to think further..what if one day a child at school is mean to him? What happens when he gets his heart broken? Or he loses a big game? What am I going to do then? My mom always said "I wish I could take your pain away" whenever I was hurting and I truly understand that now. I know I can't, but I would gladly take on all Dominic's pain & discomfort if I could. I know that all those little life heartaches help to mold you into the adult you become but I just hope he'll understand that when he hurts, I'm secretly wishing that I can take it all away.

Come to think of it...maybe a little bump on the head isn't so bad..


Shannon said...

Yeah, I bet being a mom doesnt get any easier as your kids grow up. A little fall doesnt seem much compared to what there is to deal with in the world. Dominic is really lucky to have parent's who love and support him now and always :)