Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays with Lou

Welcome to my first blog post. Brooke has done such an amazing job with the blog, keeping it updated with new posts and pictures every week that I wanted to get in on the fun too. So, we decided to turn Tuesdays on our blog into “Tuesdays with Lou.” This will be my turn to contribute to our family blog with my thoughts on whatever’s on my mind. I’ll offer insights into our family life and adventures, my experiences as a new Dad, and relatively new Husband (almost 2 years). We also watch our favorite shows and sports teams every week so I’ll have comments on those too

Dominic’s BIG day

We started Dominic on solid foods about a month ago. This didn’t sit quite well with him as our once “regular” son was now very irregular. We celebrate “poops” like our team has just won a big game which is why Sunday was Dominic’s SUPER BOWL!

Dominic and I were on the play mat and I smelled something terrible. I figured he was faking me out with one of his bad farts since he had already had 3 previous poops that day and couldn’t possibly have more in him. So I casually took his shorts off and was shocked to feel something on my finger. Before I knew it, “IT” was all over my hands, on my jeans, on the play mat. In my state of panic I called Brooke in for backup who quickly came to my aid. As I rushed to get Dominic cleaned up I heard a little giggle. Dominic was smiling and laughing as if he didn’t know the mess he just made was all over me. Dominic is good at making you forget how bad things are sometimes and it goes beyond just a blow out diaper every now and then.

Let’s Go Cavs…I mean Let’s Go Lebron!

I’ve been a Lebron fan since I first witnessed him play as a young sophomore in High School. I went to the game with a couple of friends and we quickly figured out which kid was Lebron as he threw down a monster dunk during warm ups. That game is something I’ll never forget.

Why is this important because it’s the reason I can’t call myself a true Cavs fan. I’m a Lebron fan. I liked the Cavs as a kid because that’s what you do when you’re a kid you like your hometown team or the team your big brother likes. Thus why I rooted for ND as a kid (thanks Pete). I didn’t stick behind the Cavs during their bad years like a true fan would. I also don’t stick behind the Browns or Indians either when they’re losing. It’s frustrating to watch a team you like play terrible but to me a true fan would still support them. This is why I’m not a fan of professional sports teams but rather fan of the players.

Our Shows

Brooke and I spend a LOT of time at home in the evenings taking care of Dominic and being there for him. I wouldn’t have it any other way but it has definitely changed our life. We watch a good amount of TV shows and thanks for the great invention of a DVR we can watch a variety of shows relatively quickly each night. We’re both pumped for Biggest Loser tonight. That show makes you want to get in shape and at the same times makes you want to order a pizza. I don’t get it but it’s true. We also watch just about every show on Thursday night (best TV night ever). You heard it here first; Danny will win the Hells Kitchen finale on Thursday. We have a lot of season finale’s coming up the next couple weeks and then it’s “Big Brother” time. If you’re a “Big Brother” fan you’ll want to check back every week cause I’ll have something to say on that for sure.

Hope you liked my first post. See you next week.


-Pete said...

Nice post, Lou. Now that I know you're not a true Browns fan (OK, I already knew that), perhaps you can't be a guest poster in the Blawg Pound (http://www.blawgpound.com) this fall.

Then again, perhaps the Blawg Pound could have Fairweather Fan Wednesdays and you could post. Ha!

Jessica said...

HI Louie!!!

I also love Hell's Kitchen, Big Brother & Biggest Loser and you're totally right about wanting to get in shape and order a pizza! Too funny!

Shannon said...

As a loyal "Brooke Blog Follower", I also like reading a post from her husband's perspective. :)

I think we need to see Dominic in a Lebron jersey! I've been a loyal Cleveland sports fan my whole life but its nice to actually have one of our teams do GOOD while Im supporting them!

Brianne said...

Hi Louie! Love the post! I also love Biggest Loser and am very excited for tonight! I also enjoy Big Brother thanks to Jessica and Brooke and was not aware it was starting soon! I will be looking forward to you Tuesday posts!