Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kilbasse Posse Part 2!

I consider myself very lucky to be great friends with the people I grew up with. I loved our neighborhood growing up. There were so many children my age to play with. We had a field to play baseball in, the road to play touch football in, a whole block to play neighborhood hide & seek and endless backyards for campouts. I am best friends with Becky, a feud turned friendship when I was 12 years old and still extremely close with Matt & Ryan--who were also part of our "gang" the kilbasse posse. I can remember, as children, swinging on the swings at Prospect school talking about when we were older: we would have backyard cookouts with OUR children running around. Years later, this couldn't ring more true. Matt welcomed his 2nd daughter Ryann, in January and Ryan welcomed his 2nd daughter, Madison, in February. On Sunday-Lou, Dominic & I went to a backyard cookout with Matt, his family & Ryan's family. I stop and look around often when we are all together and think back to that day when we foresaw what our lives would be like. I hope that this group of children have as much fun & love in their friendship as we did! Time goes by so fast! Here are a few pictures from our get together! Dominic is going to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls!! I am SO SO grateful for these friendships-you don't see these often anymore, and I consider myself very lucky! :)

Dominic & Madison-he really liked her jacket!

Watch out! He's trying to give Ryann kisses!
Kilbasse Posse Part 2! Madison, Dominic & Ryann

How sweet is this!?
Playing on the floor! Up to no good!