Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday MS Walk Update..

It's been a busy day-so please forgive the late post. The MS walk is THIS Saturday so this will be my last Monday update! I'll of course, post about the walk itself with the final numbers. Last week we had raised $985--as of today we have raised..$1,045!! Thank you all!

I wanted to share some comments that I got last week on our update post:

MiMi said...
I came to see your living room from Kelly's Korner. Now I'm reading through the rest of your posts. I also have MS. There isn't enough awareness about it, even though it is pretty prevelant. My mom has it and her mom had it, so I'm 3rd generation. Thank you for doing the walk and raising money! It helps all of us fighting this thing every day. You rock!Macey

B.E.A said...
I came to visit your blog through Kelly's Korner. I work for the National MS Society and we appreciate all that you and your team are doing to create a world free of MS! Keep up the great work!

THIS is why we are walking, why we have raised an AMAZING amount of money....I'm so proud of my team and grateful to everyone who has helped us make a difference! My mother has graciously volunteered to buy tee shirts for our WHOLE team as a "thank you". Thanks Mom! :)As usual--here is our team's link!


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