Friday, March 4, 2011

My beef with cartoons

Now that I am home all day with Dominic I get to catch up on my "shows" aka cartoons. Actually, I've been leaving the tv completely off during the day with the exception of the 30 or so minutes that I need in the morning to get ready. This usually falls into the time slot of many Disney and Nick Jr shows. I often find myself talking back to the cartoons (yes, I realize I'm losing it) but I do have some questions for these characters. At this point, Lou better push back any plans to visit Disney World because I would probably interrogate the characters! So here are some of my questions/concerns...
 Mr Lopert. WHY oh WHY will you not let Manny help you fix or build things? THAT'S HIS JOB! He's Handy Manny for goodness sake! Look at those gloves, the tools, etc. He's practically screaming to help you and offering his talents for free!!
 Dora, I actually would like to take this one up with your parents. You are just a cutie patutie out to help your friends. But I don't think you are quite old enough to be gallivanting all over the town by yourself. And do you really want me to believe that your "super soccer kick" qualifies you to be in the World Cup on your cousin's team?? Speaking of cousins/primos, I'm not sure what the laws are in South America but I'm willing to bet that Diego is not old enough to drive a car, jet ski, boat, hang glider etc.
 I really do like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but I have one very obvious issue with the show. It's a show of animals with a PET DOG? Isn't Goofy a dog? Why does Pluto have to be the pet? It's unfair-he can't even talk!?
Honestly, this is one of my favorite cartoons for Dominic to watch. I never really saw the cartoon as a kid but I do remember reading the books. Arthur teaches some really great life lessons and I've seen shows on conditions such as cancer, autism, aspergers, hearing and sight impairment. It really is teaching children empathy and acceptance of everyone. Only on PBS! :)

Do you ever find yourself talking to the tv? I would love to hear others thoughts on cartoons or tv shows!


Sara Sheppard said...

Dan has wondered the same thing about mickey mouse clubhouse. However...he also wanted to know how to do the hot dog dance like goofey!

As for handy manny-- i want to know if him and Kelly are secretly dating!!haha

i believe I watch these more than Charleigh does as she only comes running into the room when a song is playing, the rest of the time she could care less if the tv is even on.

Grasso10 said...

HAHA Sara! So true! Manny does have the hots for kelly!

Lisa Brown said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post! You sound just like my hubby!