Monday, June 20, 2011

Rheumatologist update

I mentioned in another post about the "other" issues we had going on right now. Here is the shortest version I can attempt.
*Years (2002) ago I had a positive ANA indicative of Lupus along with joint pain and other symptoms. I began treatment for both Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis with pill medication.
*I went years and years living with random flareups in multiple joints that literally leave me unable to move/function for about 3 days at a time. Including my honeymoon :(
*I went off of medication in 2007 after a talk with my rheumatologist at the time. I was able to handle the flare ups with pain meds and exercise.
*2008-pregnancy with Dominic=no flare ups and remission
*This pregnancy-I have had some pretty intense flare ups. First were in my knees and then moved to my shoulder and back. This is difficult when you can't take anything for relief. I was miserable, bed ridden, sleep deprived and mustering up every bit of strength to move/walk. Mind you, I am pregnant and needed to use the restroom multiple times!
*The high risk dr was concerned that if in fact, this was Lupus, there was a chance it could affect the baby so he (along with my neuros) wanted me to see a new rheumatologist and have about a bajillion blood tests done. Oh and a urinalysis---don't know what that little dinger entails??? I had to collect and keep a jug of urine in the refrigerator for 24 complete hours. Dominic was convinced it was juice and kept asking for it....GROSS!! lol
*Today I met with the rheumatologist to go over the blood work and my history. She believes I have Palindromic rheumatism and not Lupus. Closely related to RA and could eventually progress into RA. Basically PA causes sudden attacks of joint pain and swelling. The good thing is that my joints will not be damaged from the flare ups as they would with RA. The dr ordered even MORE blood work to run the Lupus and RA panels again. Until then I am one step closer to an answer. No matter what the test results I cannot go on any of the treatments for any of the above until after I deliever.