Friday, March 13, 2009

4 Months Old!

Today we took Dominic in for his 4 month check up & shots. As usual, Dominic was fussed over by the nurses--I think they liked the little mo-hawk I gave Dominic. :) We got Dom all undressed to be weighed & measured. (Our predictions were so off its too embarrassing to post lol)

Height- 25 inches
Weight- 14 lbs 9.5 oz

Dominic is in the 50th percentile for weight & head circumference. He is more towards the 75th percentile for height. Perfect! Dr. Flask came in to check on Dominic, he was happy up to the point where she was cleaning out his ears. (Gotta love having a pediatrician who is as crazy about ear cleanliness as we are!!) Dominic got VERY upset but as soon as I picked him up and he got his way he was happy as could be! He's the boss! Dr.Flask told us that we could start Dominic on rice cereal at any time..we are thinking we will start him around 5 months. He's ready now-he takes an interest in food, sits up in his high chair and has excellent neck control-we just want to wait a little longer. After Dr.Flask left, the nurses came in to give Dominic his shots....this is where I left to schedule the next appointment because I can't stand to see Dom's face when he's in pain. From what I hear from Lou, Dominic did really well. I came back in as they were putting the snoopy band aids on his chubby little thighs. (at least they weren't pink this time!)

We didn't even make it off the elevator before Dominic was asleep...luckily the office is right across the street from Target! We took advantage of Dom's nap and did a little shopping! :)

My little mo-hawk man!