Monday, March 16, 2009

DT's first road trip!

This weekend we took our first family road trip. We drove down to Dayton for Cooper's 1st birthday party. In order to do this-we had to plan it out carefully to maxamize Dom's sleeping time. We knew we couldn't expect him to sleep 8 hours in one day so we needed to break it up in 2 days. We decided that it was best to get Dominic all ready for bed and then leave on Friday night, get a hotel & have more time on Saturday morning! Here's the breakdown of our adventure!

8:15-Gave Dominic a bath, dressed him in his PJ's, and fed him

9:02-Left the house for Dayton!

9:15-Dominic fell asleep

10:05-Got gas in Ashland, I got Louie a cookie to keep him awake & I got a BIG cup of coffee to keep me awake. At this point I moved into the front seat of the car so Louie didn't look like a chauffer any longer Ha!

10:15-12:30 -We listened to Sirius radio & talked to keep each other awake. By the way, downtown Columbus is BEAUTIFUL at night, all lit up.

12:33-We arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn, it was just built in October & was extremely nice! They offered to have a pack n play in our room but we didn't need it. Very nice people!

12:45-1:20 -Settled into our room, got Dominic out of the car seat, fed and put to sleep.

3:30 am-Dominic wakes up to be changed

Dominic relaxing & watching some TV

Getting his diaper changed & dressed for the day!

Right as Dominic woke up..little sleepy eyes.

8:00 am-We all wake up to start our day! Dominic looked pretty confused when he woke up in the hotel room. Although he quickly found the TV and decided it wasn't such a bad place at all!!

We took turns getting ready and packed up our things.Daddy & Dominic, Mommy & Dominic

Our goofy family!

"Hmmm, what shall I order for breakfast?!"

11-1pm -Cooper's birthday party! Dominic got to "meet" so many new friends. It was great to see all my friends from college and their little ones. Dominic got a bit cranky so we decided to give him the bottle we had packed-->Dom wanted NO part of a bottle so he was fed in the handicap stall of the rec center. Ha! Once fed, he was in a much better mood-but still extremely tired. We went back to the party room..not even 10 min later we heard "it". It sounded bad, smelled bad...looked bad. Dominic had pooped all over his cute outfit. Good thing we packed an extra outfit for him. Changed & was time for us to go. Dominic was starting to rub his eyes and we needed him to sleep as much of the 3 1/2 hour drive as possible.

The birthday boy, Cooper & Dominic

The Markley twins, Cameron & Cora

1:02- On the road again!
3:00-Back at the Ashland gas station. We made AMAZING time back from Dayton! We were so close...just one more hour until we were home sweet home...I ran into the station for a snack & potty break. Once I got back into the car I saw two little blueberries staring back at me. Dominic was awake. Ok, maybe he'll be content...WRONG! Dominic began screaming, crying, & yelling. I couldn't do anything. I tried to give him the pacifier..nope, we tried singing to him...nope, a little fresh air...nope, shook rattles & toys...nope. I just had to sit there and let him cry it out. His face turned bright red, his eyes were swollen and his face was covered in tears. Finally....he fell asleep.

4:10- Back home! Yay!!!
We are so proud of ourselves & Dominic for making this trip! It was long, but we are so glad we got to see our friends, stay in a hotel and prove to ourselves that Dominic can travel!! We are already brainstorming where we can go next! :)


Shannon said...

Im glad you guys had a good trip and that Dominic held up so well, he gets cuter each time I see a new picture!