Monday, March 23, 2009

PT Week 7 update & MORE!

I've really been neglecting this blog...Dominic has started taking more of an interest in his surroundings and therefore, is hardly napping at all...leaving me very little "me" time, or time to do much of anything else!! It's worth it though!

Today we took Dominic back to PT. Dominic was awake in the waiting room, which was nice because we didn't have to wake him up and deal with "the wrath of Dom". The first thing Ann Marie said was "OH he looks great!" I was holding him and Dom's head was steady and controlled. This was BY FAR the fastest PT appointment we've had so far! Ann Marie said that Dominic looked "fantastic" and showed no signs of torticollis at all! :) (YAY!) Then we heard the words we've been longing to hear..."Dominic will come next month-and then I don't see a reason for him to continue with therapy" The ONLY reason she said she wanted to see him next month was to see if his neck muscles tightened up during a growth spurt. Dominic also showed off his rolling skills *see below* and was VERY talkative! We were sooo happy with all the progress! We are really grateful that we caught this so early with enough time to correct it!

Last week was a HUGE week for Dominic! He started cereal and has done great! He has also been soooo much more talkative in the last week. In the mornings I hear him cooing and telling Louie about his dreams and then he seems to recap his day with Louie in the evenings! He's also giggling up a storm when I tickle him....he also pulls my hair when I tickle him--I've had to repremand my 4 month old already! I'm losing too much post partum hair for him to pull out anymore!!! He's also taking much more interest in his toys all of a sudden-reaching for everything and playing with rattles. SO CUTE!

The biggest accomplishment this week was that on Friday evening, Louie & I both were there to witness Dominic roll from his back to his belly (the harder of the two) for the first time!! He was reaching for a toy (Sophie) that was out of his reach when he decided to roll over! He's gotten so strong--he "swims" while on his belly now..which is right on target for his developmental age! I caught a few pics of one of his rolls! :) We're so proud..and so so glad that we were BOTH there to witness this milestone!!

Getting ready to roll! The toy is in sight!

Here we go!

Getting closer...

You can't see, but he grabbed the toy and rolled over!

"Look Mom! I got it!"


Lyndsay said...

I can't believe he rolled back to belly already! Amelia still has yet to accomplish this. :( She gets on her side and just can't get over the hump.