Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 6 PT Update/Weekend news

This morning we took Dominic to his 6th PT session. Ann Marie was once again really shocked at how big Dominic has gotten in the last 2 weeks. I don't think Dominic has quite adjusted to the daylight savings time change (although he slept better than EVER last night) and was pretty cranky to wake up once it was time to start. He showed a lot of improvement keeping his head up, straight and still. She practiced rolling with Dom on the mat and he drooled all over! We go again in 2 weeks (at 8 a.m. again..ugh) and then Ann Marie said that we will go month to month from then on. :) Yay! **A little side note--while Dom was crying & fussing during PT, a little boy came out of another room to check on Dominic. He had the most concerned face! Ann Marie had to explain she wasn't hurting Dominic..he was just upset. It was so cute and the little boy really looked like what I imagine Dom to look like as a toddler.**

We had a pretty busy weekend here...Dominic, although doesn't seem to have a cold, has a pretty nasty cough. At times he coughs so aggressively that it looks like he's struggling to breathe. Being the first time parents we are, we made a doctor's appointment last Friday morning. Dominic was weighed (14.9 lbs) and measured (25 inches), then brought into the exam room. The nurse who usually sees Dominic "oohed" and "aahed" over how much cuter he gets every time, to which DT smiled and cooed right back at her. It helped that he was in just a diaper and Dominic LOVES to be naked! ha! I hope he grows out of that! Dr Flask came in and checked Dominic. She explained that his lungs sound perfectly clear --no fluid etc. and that he probably just has some build up that he needs to cough up. We were told to keep using the vapor bath, humidifier etc. Our poor little guy. We are trying everything she told us, along with baby Vicks on his feet, inclined bassinet, and standing in the bathroom with the hot shower running...this left mommy with some VERY frizzy hair!! He hasn't shown much improvement (besides sleeping so well last night) but has his 4 month check up on Friday so we will see Dr.Flask soon. OH! I also voiced my concern that Dominic may be teething--sure enough--Dr Flask looked inside Dom's mouth and there they were...two little teeth buds. She said that is most likely the reason he is chewing on his hands so much and drooling like a faucet. It looks like we will be seeing teeth sometime in the next couple months!!

Saturday we attempted to take Dominic to Toys R Us for a couple staple items we needed. Dom did NOT want to be in his carseat so I took him out & carried him around the store. We played in the toy aisles and even performed a little puppet show!! :) Sadly, we left the store with diapers and some bigger onsies for him to wear to bed...nothing fun!

Just a little Dominic for your fix!
Sunday we went over to the Sayers' house for a brunch with them and the Bally's. If you don't know the background story, here you go:{ Ryan, Matt & I all grew up together in Elyria-we were all inseparable. Ryan moved away (although still spent most his time in our neighborhood) and attended Lorain Catholic where he became one of Louie's best friends. I heard ALLLL about Louie growing up. Matt & Ryan both tried to get us together after college, eventually did, and here we are today!}

Welp, Matt and his wife, Robyn had a baby girl 2 months ago (Ryann) and Ryan and his wife, Elena had a baby girl 2 weeks ago (Madison). They both had two daughters already (Reagan & Emma). So it was all ELEVEN of us for brunch!! We had asked Dr Flask if it was ok to bring Dominic around the new babies and she said yes, as long as he didn't sneeze, drool etc on them. (he didn't touch them). Dominic seemed very interested in all the girls-especially Emma! He was charming as usual-smiling and talking up a storm. He also enjoyed playing with all the new toys that were around!! I really think it is the most amazing thing that we all grew up together and now our children will grow up together!!! <3

Here are the boys & babies before the addition of Ryann & Madison...Three Men and THREE babies!


Shannon said...

Awww, sounds like such a nice group of friends! Dominic is so always :)