Sunday, October 2, 2011

MS & baby appt updates

  MS doctor appointment: I went in August to my neurologist to discuss the pregnancy and multiple sclerosis and more importantly, what will be my plan for after I deliver. Originally I was told that it was in my best interest to not nurse at all, or only for about 2 weeks. They wanted me to continue with my treatment as soon as Bennett was born as most mothers experience a rough relapse after delivery.
   I was checked out for mobility and symptoms by the nurse and everything looked good. I was scheduled to have my annual MRI scan but due to the pregnancy, we couldn't do that. My doctor spoke with Lou and I about what to expect after delivery. He also proposed that I switch from Copaxone injections to the new MS pill form of treatment--Gilenya. This pill has been on the market for over a year with great results within the trial groups. I am still not sure what we are going to do. I have a couple more months to decide which treatment I want to continue with and weigh the pros and cons.
   Then I was able to sweet talk my way into nursing the baby for 6 weeks!!! I have to see the neurologist RIGHT after I deliver Ben to see how I am doing. I do not want to push my health or go against the doctor who obviously knows more than I do--so I am not going to attempt to get more than they have allowed. I still consider it a small victory (and money saved!!). 

OB appointment: We went in last week for our monthly appointment and the glucose test. Everything looked, measured and sounded perfect. I was given some surprising news though--starting at 32 weeks pregnant, I will have to go to see the doctor twice a week until I deliver. Because MS is such an unpredictable disease and other underlying factors--they want to monitor me closely. I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't involve the stress testing. I swear concentrating on baby movements and pressing buttons causes ME more stress! lol I guess I'll find out more as the weeks go on. I also discussed scheduling the C-section and it looks like we will deliver sometime the week of January 8th.
   We had an ultrasound as well and Bennett was bouncing all over the place! It was neat to see how much he has changed in two months. We could see him yawning, waving, and "drinking" water. Very cute! It's hard to believe that in about 3 months we are going to have another little boy! :)

So that's it for updates! My next OB appointment is at the end of October. It's my last monthly appointment! I'll only have one 2 week appt then move on to twice weeklys! Thank goodness for great insurance haha! :)