Monday, January 23, 2012

Things that make me smile

Keurig- We got this as a gift for Christmas and Lou and I use it probably 5-6 times a day between us. I love the Cafe Mocha and Buttered Toffee flavored coffees. Lou got me a milk frother for Christmas as well so I can make my very own lattes. This has made my break up from Starbucks a little less painful. Lou makes Hot Apple Ciders every night (I still think it would be better with a little rum in it! haha) and is looking forward to some caffeine assistance this year for tax season. We didn't forget Dominic! He gets his share of hot chocolates as well. Just this week we came across the website which has a HUGE variety of K-cups cheaper than you find in stores, larger quantities with free shipping!!

Maybelline Baby Lips- I saw an advertisement for these lip glosses in a magazine about a month ago and have since searched stores for them. Every time I looked, they were completely sold out except for the bright red color. Last Friday, I stumbled upon a single peppermint/clear color at Target and snatched it up! I am in love!!! I have been a LipSmackers gal for over 20 years (wow I sound old!) now and these lip glosses are smooth and actually work! I don't have time to reapply lip balm over and over throughout the day so this is right up my alley! (No, sadly I am not paid for endorse Maybelline cosmetics--but if someone out there wants to pay me to play with makeup....)
My boys- Of course these little guys are the number one reason I smile each day! I feel so blessed that I could fill this blog up with reasons that I'm smiling, I just wanted to share a couple while I had a few minutes to blog! :)
                                                         What makes YOU smile!?