Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~*Reflecting on 2008!*~

Welp, it's officially the last day of 2008! Thinking back to last year on this day...I was running errands, getting ready to have friends over to ring in the New Year--complete with a new outfit, fancy appetizers, and drinks. Fast forward to today, as I write this I'm sitting in mis-matched clothes (my last tank top without baby puke on it!), my fuzzy black slippers, & #1 my almost 7 week old son sleeping on my lap. So much has changed in a mere 365 days--and I would relive every single day of this year to end up where we are today!
Look at that smile!!

Lou & I have also decided to share with you our list of "five things we are proud of/accomplished in 2008". Instead of failed resolutions--it's more important to reflect back and realize what you succeeded at!!

Brooke's Top 5

1. Carried & Delivered a BEAUTIFUL baby boy with no complications and not too much complaining!

2. Made a goal & stuck with it--Walked 2.5 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY I was pregnant..which was over 620 miles!

3. Went back to school, worked hard, and got a 4.0 for two consecutive semesters!!

4. Celebrated our first year of marriage!! This was the easiest thing I accomplished--I'm sure this will be an easy goal to achieve for the next 70+ years!! We really are a great team!

5. "Became a Mommy", I've been able to feed, dress, bathe, soothe, & play with my son-and it really did come naturally!

Lou's Top 5

1. Became a Dad--feeding, changing diapers, putting him to bed every night

2. Lost 50 pounds!! Thanks to my wife who ate healthy during her pregnancy & worked out..I don't think Subway counts as a "sympathy craving"

3. Had another, even more successful tax season this year!

4. Worked up to running 5 miles in 38 minutes! In 2009 I may set a goal to run a 5K or more!

5. Most of all, I am proud that I have a beautiful & healthy family. I am excited for a new year full of new adventures!

~*~*Happy New Year from our FAMILY to yours!! *~*~


Erin Eileen said...

Brooke and Lou- you are such a great team! I'm so glad your past year was everything you wanted it to be! Best wishes and lots of love to you both, and DT (oh and the pups!) in the year that is to come:)

Pineappleqtpie said...

Wow that Is amazing!!! You both are an inspiration!