Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grasso Goals for 2009

As we are both against "resolutions", we decided to post our "Goals for 2009". If it's in writing and up for the world to see--it will be even more reason to achieve them! Here they are in no particular order..
Brooke's Goals:
1. Retake the Math class she withdrew from 9 months pregnant and get at least a "B" (I really want an "A" but c'mon--Math + Brooke = do not mix!
2. Become more organized
3. Knit one item other than a scarf--Have my Oma teach me!
4. Take LOTS of pictures of Dominic--he's growing so fast that I truly want to remember EVERY moment!
5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out & eating well! We both want to be at our very best for Dominic!
6. Keep in better touch with family & friends. It's so tough with a "newborn" (can he still be considered this?) but I want to make more of an effort!
Lou's Goals:
1. Lose 25 more pounds and maintain that weight for an entire year
2. Run at least a 5K (maybe a 10k)
3. Study and sit for at least 2 parts of the CPA exam
4. Spend as much time as possible with my family and be there for every moment I can as Dominic gets older.
5. Send a birthday card to my nieces & nephews on their birthday
6. Have at least one "date night" each month with my wife. (hint hint..we'll need 12 babysitters!)
So there it is...our goals, and we hold all of you responsible for making sure we keep them! :o)